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Foo Fighters - Big Me

Music Video | 1995
ArtistFoo Fighters
SongBig Me
AlbumBig Me
DirectorJesse Peretz
Director of PhotographyMandy Walker


The video for _Big Me_ is a parody of three well known Mentos candy commercials. For our purposes, however, the candy in this clip is the sweet and tasty Footos, _The Fresh Fighter_.
The parodies of the actual commercials will be fairly true to their original form, mimicking the key moments, repeating the blessed gestures, and of course always ending with the classic popping in the mouth of the Footos candies, followed by the shrug, smile and grin, with the out-stretched hand victoriously clutching the roll of Footos. The band as a group will be key players in each, as well as having their individual moments at the end of the spots where they pop the candy in their mouths, shrug and grin.
The first commercial lampooned (probably my favorite) is the one where the businessman parks too close to a woman's car so she can't get out She notices the situation and yells at him as he walks away Unfortunately he indicates he can do nothing at this time because he is both important and late (this is suggested in the spot by him pointing to his watch and shrugging). Luckily for the young girl, four workmen happen to be walking by and seeing her predicament, lift her car and move it into the street In our video those guys are, of course, the Foo Fighters. (We will also extend the build up of them during the earlier portion of the event, so that we see them walking down the street and get a chance to recognize them The businessman notices this drama unfolding and is initially confused. The woman then pops a Footos in her mouth, smiles and shrugs, and the businessman's harsh exterior instantly melts and he siles as well. Then the whole band (the workmen!) pop Footos in their mouth, and repeat the classic gesture with an unbelievable new-found happiness.
The next scenario would be a parody of the Mentos commercial in which the kids (The Foo Fighters) are trying to cross the crosswalk on a busy street They seem to be in a bit of a hurry Dave is straggling behind. A limo pulls up into the cross-walk between him and his friends, and comes to a stop. Dave, in a full-on Mentos mood, decides to get back at whoever is in the limo for being so pushy and separating him from his friends. He opens the door to the limo, and the businessman inside is on a cell phone, and boy is he un-amused unaware of the forth-coming Footos candy which will obviously mellow the scene considerably Sure enough, Dave busts out a package of Footos, pops one in his mouth, with a shrug and a smile, melting the world around him. The business man can't help but smile back. Dave looks outside to his pals and everybody looks back so impressed with his cleverness, popping Footos back in tandem, holding their individual packages with delight...
Finally we find the Foo Fighters on stage two thirds of the way through the video performing the song in a little club. We see them play for a few short shots, and them we cut to a variation of the commercial where a kid tries to sneak in the club through the backdoor He comes to the door and a bouncer nods his head _no_ at the kid in a very mean way The kid goes off. A few per-formance shots, and then we see him tying a bandanna on his head. He comes back to the door with a guitar strapped on. He opens the door and the bouncer is looking somewhere else. The kid sneaks by and climbs onto the stage and lifts a pack of Footos and drops one in his mouth, then holds the package out in front of his face, and shrugs and smiles. The bouncer stops and smiles, and the kid turns to the band who repeat his action in unison, having suddenly forgiven the boy's inappropriate actions, in true Mentos spirit. The song ends, and a package shot, with a picture of a roll of Footos candy appearing on the screen and a voice (by now, well known to all in the Western world) saying _Footos - The Fresh Fighter!_
Copyright Jesse Peretz
Production CompanyX-Ray Productions (Doug Halbert
Production CompanyCatherine Smith)
LabelCapitol Records
Script/Written byJesse Peretz
Sound MixStereo
Spoof of_Mentos - The Freshmaker_ commercials
Technical Specificationscolour - format unknown
Release date

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