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Posted by List of many commercial songs on 18 years ago
Look through the list before asking a question. If you’ve looked and can’t find an answer, look through the list again. If it still isn’t there, look through the requests to see if someone has already asked about the song. If your question hasn’t been answered or asked—or if you have further information on an existing request—then go ahead and ask. Please be as specific as possible when making a request: list the actual product (e.g. car model and year), a description of the ad, and any lyrics or instruments you’re able to make out are a good start.
August 10, 2003: Vehicles have been split into their own category page.
July 30, 2003: Yes, those are ads. Seemed only appropriate, since this page is all about them.
Update as of June 26, 2003: I’ve cleaned up my e-mail backlog; time to start another one! As you can see from the 177 requests below, there aren’t many answers to be had, either. Please check out the list to see if you have any ideas; some queries have been here for over a year!
I would like to know if you could find out the song in the 'old' new guy commercial while they are playing football adn it goes through a montage of .5 second scenes. [Quinn]
An MGD (Miller Genuine Draft) commercial set in a bar. Guy playing a piano at first, then the scene moves outdoors to a guy and girl staring at the moon. [Dejo]
Filmed in New York's Central Park, 'Hands' features a young couple walking silently along a pathway, walking slightly apart. They catch up with an old couple who are walking hand-in-hand at barely half their speed. As the young couple passes the older couple, who seem as in love today as they were fifty-plus years ago, the younger couple reach out and take each others hands, walking closer and reconnecting. On the younger woman's hand is a three stone diamond anniversary ring, which gives an extra sparkle at this moment. Please let me know the name of the song for this commercial (Please note that this is not Palladio by Karl Jenkins) [Steve] [note: company is DeBeers; music is different from the Jenkins piece; may be by Albinoni]
What's the music for 'A DIAMOND IS FOREVER' commercial? You know the one with a young couple walking pass by an old couple who are holding hands. It sounds like cello or violin. I really really need an information on this. Very important!!! [Elle, 2003/03/25]
new 'Bearing Point' commerical with the famous golfer; slow motion golf swing, mostly airing on CNN. It has jazzy tune and towards the end of the ad there's some saxaphone sounds [Pete]
I heard a music not too long ago during a cookie tv commercial. It was piano and some strings... Anyhow the setting was night time, and the peak frean cookies or some other cookie company were replacing the moon and piano keys.. The music was beautiful and I've looked everywhere and haven't been able to find it. It sorta sounds like classical, Mozart maybe.. PLEEEAAAASE help me! I will be eternally greatful. [bern l]
I was looking for the Target song that is currently being played. [Kimberly]
Im looking to find the name of the song on the new Hewlet Packard commercial that describes how HP helps small businesses. If it helps to identify the commercial, it is a classical song with piano and violins in the background. [Alex Katsilometes]
A recently released video game entitled 'Rygar,' has been advertised on the television. You might recognize this as the commercial which shows hundreds of milk bottles being destroyed by a bulldozer. The commercial, in the background, features a bit of what sounds to be a stirring tenor chorus, and as an admirer of such music, I would like to know the name of the song and performer [Jasper]
does anybody know who made the semi-techno remix to 'If I only had a brain' for American Express Blue credit cards? [karl]
i've been looking for the song to the 'american eagle outfitters' commercial for a couple of months now... it's the one where there is a DJ and a MC outside playing to a campus-like crowd... has a funk beat to it [ray]
i'm dying to want to know the music used for debeers tv commercial. it's not 'palladio' music. i'm talking about the commercial that there are two couples(old and younger) walking in the park scene. [lane]
The current western orchestration for Ralph lauren commercial (late 2002), with various still images running through [Randy]
I have been searching for the title and/or artist of the song in the commercial. I have written them 2-3 times inquiring about it with no response. It is a very soft song sung by a female in what sounds to me to be Italian. It has been on television over the past year (2001). [Sandra Gray]
I have been haunted by an upbeat tempo instrumental song--almost like a samba--which occurs in Episode 104 (the 4th episode) of MTV's Sorority Life. It occurs after the sober sister meeting, after the boyfriend's arrival at the house as he complains,' It'll take you, Jordan, at least another 2-3 hrs. ( to get ready ). It plays right before the 10:15 pm time stamp. [Monica]
Do you know the name of the instrumental theme played behind the Ralph Luren televsion commercial in 2001 and 2002. It was very grand and I would like to find out what it was. I also heard played at the Belagio Fountains in Las Vegas. [Paul]
Currently on chum fm I have heard a song that I believe is country and it talks about a guy in a hotel rm for the last 3 days and it also says come back home. It is a duet. I would like the name of the song and whom sings it. [beth]
Any idea whom sings the opera song on the (Best Buy) tv ads,, then again it may be future shop.. At any rate there are two guys looking at big screen tvs watching football...Any help would be appreciated...Perhaps this is to far on the obsecure side of ad songs.. [Mike]
I am looking for the music that played during a Molson commercial that aired between 1996-1998. It begins with a model walking down a fashion walkway and a photographer taking his picture. It then shows another model who picks up a Molson Export flag from off the moon and then walks down the runway with the flag. At the end of the comemrcial, confetti rains down on the two models and on the photographer. A molson export cap lands in the photographers hand and the commercial ends. What song is being played? [Max Smart]
It is a piano solo that was played in the movie 9 1/2 weeks, the guy put the CD in and this song started to play. It isn't on the soundtrack. I've also heard it a while back on PBS promotional clips. [Jeremiah]
i want to know the title of the osng and the singer of the diet coke ad which uses this song. some of the words are something like: must be your voodoo working. [catherine mcglynn]
i am looking for the song that is on, I believe a Canon commercial. There is a husband and his family, and they all sit down to watch clips of when the wife and husband were young. The husband gets very emotional when they all watch the old clips together. [britta]
What is the song in the CVS ad with the old man in the aisle? [jlyman384]
Whats the band and the name of the song in the new diet pepsi commercial. a boy is at a concert and then his parents show up, but in the few seconds of the beginning theres a band playing [anna v]
Telus had a commercial at Christmas with two monkeys opening a gift. One was in english. The other in french. It was a fast song, and a man was singing it. Its not on the Telus website. [Rob]
On one of the diamond ring commerical's there is a song that sounds like a wedding march. [Kimberly]
The commercial has this african-american girl imagining herself singing this bluesy soul song at some club. I'm pretty sure it's a car commercial but not knowing anything about cars, I can't give much more info... [John]
can anyone tell me the name of either the artist or the song in the channel 4 tv advert for Singapore Airlines showing trips to Australia. [jim smith]
I saw a TV ad for Michelob Ultra, with different athletes doign different things... i guess it was explaining that the beer was low in calories or somethin, but i believe it was mostly black and white...the song was techno/electronic. [Dan Dumovich]
Who is singing on the newest Kraft Mac & Cheese commercial? A great singer and band!!! [larry staffen]
Looking for the song from the LG Electronics Advertisement 2002-2003 currently playing in New Zealand/Australia. It is jazzy/bluesy with a woman singing 'ba da da daaa daaa da da'. [Frick Keith, 2003/02/18]
music for the nike tv commercial airing in 2003, where there a lot of guys playing basketball in a playground, fast editing and some type of electronic tune...? [jorge luna, 2003/02/18]
2003 Januraryish, Toronto, Canada. St. Ives Lotion commericial, with that wonderful new age music, Who is the artist and what is the song? [Michael, 2003/02/18]
Joe Millionaire show, not the theme, but this beautiful classical piece, similar to composer Karl Jenkins from the de beers diamond commericials. [Michael, 2003/02/18]
A friend of mine asked me what the song is in the new Sea World commercial. At, they list 'The Child Inside' by Qkumba Snow, but that's the wrong song--well, that may be from a different Sea World commercial, but my friend's looking for the one that's on right now, at least in LA, advertising all three Sea Worlds. It's got a bouncy Europop sound [Andi Payn, 2003/02/20]
A computer commercial a couple of years ago used Aphex Twin's 'Donkey Rhubarb.' Who was that for? I'm guessing Compaq, but that's probably wrong. [Andi Payn, 2003/02/20]
A year or two ago, the Lush songs 'Undertow,' 'Hypocrite,' and 'Sweetness and Light' were all used in separate commercials at the same time (not VW's use of 'Sweetness and Light,' but an earlier commercial), but I can't remember what any of them were used for. Any idea? [Andi Payn, 2003/02/20]
Someone used Magnetic Fields' cover of Gary Numan's 'I Die: You Die' (from the same album as the Fear Factory/Numan version of 'Cars,' by the way) for an ad last year, but I can't remember who. [Andi Payn, 2003/02/20]
Getting even more difficult, what commercial used the techno remix of 'O Fortuna' back in the mid-late 90s? [Andi Payn, 2003/02/20]
Which recent commercial uses Bjork's 'It's Oh So Quiet'? [Andi Payn, 2003/02/20]
Whats the name of the song in the diet pepsi commercial where there playing in the mud. The one where the father and son are at a concert. [john, 2003/02/20]
i want to know the name of the song on the new tide commercial, where he is talking to his girlfriend and she asks if he was wearing the sweater she bought him. and then the song says 'Always thinkin' about you'. [jolie, 2003/02/21]
what is the song on the comertial? It kinda technoish [JEM, 2003/02/21]
What is that song in the AT&T M Life commercial where the girl is painting her room yellow and her dad slips the phone under the door. The words are like 'hey, hello..' [ashley, 2003/02/22]
I'm looking for the song from this year's Holland America Cruiseline company. [Jenny, 2003/02/25]
I'd like to get the name of the music used in the most recent Mastercard/Universal Orlando commercial where adult people are shown on a rollercoaster at night and classical/opera music is playing. [stephen, 2003/02/25]
The disco/funk song played during the Levi jeans commercial in which various people are trying on jeans in various dressing rooms. The chorus is (I think) 'Keep on Dancin..' [Nicky, 2003/02/27]
What is that boogie song in the recent levis advert where he gets up in the middle of the bar and starts dancing? [STEVEN LINDSAY, 2003/02/28]
It's the recent Target commercial for their 'Swell' line of products in which a group of people are attending this party at a house decked out in the 'Swell' stripes. It's instrumental so no words or anything, and it sounds like it may be electronical so no musical instruments that I can tell of. [Melissa, 2003/02/28]
The music on the MGD commercials? Hot chick walking through a bar. Each guy she checks out has a label. The song heavy on the bass and then saxophone goes: 'I hear a voice...coming back from the room' [Alex, 2003/03/03]
Im looking for a song in a commercial back in 1998-1999 sung by a woman by who I thought was called 'soundbox' but aparently i can not find anything on this. The commercial was for a perfume either with Estee Lauder or Ralph Lauren. I am more leaning on the Estee Lauder...but you never know. [Jen, 2003/03/04]
Hi, I was looking for a song from the new Michelobe beer commercial. I think it has lyrics along the lines of 'world is spinning round and round' [Derek, 2003/03/06]
Which is the song played on the new Michelob light beer? it is an electronic soundtrack. It has been airing constantly during this days. (from february until now 2003) [Stevo, 2003/03/12]
What is the name of the song used in the new gap commercial for the stretch kakhis. Part of the lyrics are '... slow down your moving to fast...' [Jessica Jackson, 2003/03/09]
'ohh...we can start over again..begin again..shed our skin...' those are some of the lyrics on a beautiful commercial (with a lot of blue in it, most of the scenery is vivid water, blue skies) for a cruiseline where a couple goes on vacation and swims, snorkels, etc.... [Jamie, 2003/03/10]
I am looking for the song that was played in a certain AT&T MLife commercial. If anyone has seen it, it is the one where the girl is painting her new apartment (song is playing in the background) and her dad walks up to the door (on the outside) and slips a cell phone underneath the door. Unfortunately I do not have any lyrics to the song, but this has been driving me crazy! [beezer42986, 2003/03/16]
I would really like to know the name of the song during a miller genuine draft or michalobe commercial; where a guy and girl are at the airport baggage claim. the girl can not find her luggage and the guy hides his and follows her to the luggage line and then talks to her. the commercial ends with the guy and the girl drinking the beer. [edward h., 2003/03/16]
Aight... I know the song is called Feelin' Groovy (52nd Street Bridge Song). But it's not by S & G. It's driving me insane... it's from the comercial '[stretch]Fit to feel groovy' by GAP. GaHh... help... WHO SINGS THIS SONG?! It sounds a bit like Mya. [Samantha, 2003/03/16]
I am trying to find out the name of the song that is playing in the background during part of the movie Serendipity. It is a funky upbeat dance beat type song and is not on the soundtrack for the film. [Meg, 2003/03/20]
What is the instrumental music playing in the background of a Lipitor ad? The ad features an escorted, attractive, well-dressed, older women walking from a limosine onto a red carpet. The scene looks like a hollywood premier scene. The woman eventually clumisily trips. [marksmcg, 2003/03/22]
What is the name of the song in the new JC Penney commercial for women's clothing? [Elizabeth Poje, 2003/03/24]
whats that other macaroni and cheese song called i can sing some of it for you it goes interducing macaroni and cheese its like your favorite macaroni from the factory of oni oni look whos playing gutaroni its cheese a sour icks rex . whats the rest and whats it called [Reyanne, 2003/03/24]
The background song is a mello, new age type song - female voice. The comercial has been playing Feb & March 2003. I've seen it on TLC, TNN and CNN; TLC on 3-25-03. what is it and who sings it? [Mark Jacob, 2003/03/25]
what is the music played on the ad 'together# for jc penney oscars night, sunday 23, 2003 [jose enrique, 2003/03/28]
The tune I am looking for can be heard in a Hewlett Packard TV ad called 'Anthem' that is part of their 'everything is possible' ad campaign. It can be heard at Any clues as to artist or name of the piece? It starts with a fast tempo repetitive piano sequence and violins come in with the same sequence after some time as the piece builds in energy and complexity. [MrOctaroon, 2003/03/28]
PLEASE can u tell me what the piece is that is playing with the new Hewlart Packard(HP) Advert. The advert is like 'HP + Formula 1' etc etc. and basically explains how HP helps lots of firms with its technology. The piece itself is a piano and strings. [Scott, 2003/04/09]
I was wondering if you knew the song that is playing in the backround in the movie 'Angus'. The song I am referring to is the one that plays when Angus is slow dancing with the prom queen. [Melissa, 2003/03/31]
looking for the song that was featured in the i kiss football campaign by adidas some years back. [Frank, 2003/03/31]
There is a television ad campaign that ran for a certain product (I believe it had to do with food) about 10 years ago that featured the Turtles 'Happy Together.' [Mark Collins, 2003/03/31]
I was wondering if you (or one of your readers) happened to know the artist and title of the song that plays during the latest Zellers campaign for Request Jeans. The setting is a bunch of kids in a amusement park ride (of flying saucer sorts.) [Rodney Dickson, 2003/04/01]
do you know the name of the song in the American Eagle Outfitters commercial (most recent) with the African American girl in slippers dancing wearing headphones (as if in Tower Recods). There are other people in the video also but I am particularly interested in the song described... [Hilary Norkelun, 2003/04/01]
The song is from a talbots commercial where a lady is walking in a formal black dress. I'm pretty sure the song name is 'The very thought of you' but I'm wondering who sang that song. [reallywho, 2003/04/01]
I am trying to figure out what the song is on the trailer for 'A Man Apart', Vin Diesel's new movie. Now I believe there are two trailers so far, but I am looking for the song that is in the commercial focusing on his wife's murder, the more sentimental song/commercial. It is a woman singing, and sounds somewhat like a modern operah - kind of a soothing sound to it. [jbj25, 2003/04/04]
This is one from a while ago - It's from a US Army commercial, back when they had just started their Army of One campaign (I think early 2002). It's a gorgeous orchestral piece - very stirring and powerful. Some solo trumpet, lots of strings, etc. [Jesse, 2003/04/07]
Whats the dance tune from the 80s that goes 'and there'll be twilights,twilights'? [charles shaw, 2003/04/10]
I want to know that song that's in the MGD commercial (spring 2003) with the DJ playing different songs to get the hot brunette to dance. The song I'm looking for is the on that finally gets the Hottie off the wall an on to the dance floor. I know I've heard it before and it's killing me trying to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated! [Emil Cruz, 2003/04/11]
There is a newer MGD commercial that has a dj switching trax to get the girl to dance. I am looking for the song that gets the girl to dance. Its the last one played in the commercial. The vocals on the song have a female singing with a male backing. [Peter, 2003/04/16]
what is the first audio track from 'Victoria's Secret fashion show in 1999 webcast? [Cris, 2003/04/11]
hi, i've been so trying to figure out the artist and title for this song that has been played almost sporadically on the (alternative) stations; and unfortunately i don't come across hearing the dj's name the song. it goes 'u don't need to...(something something)... uh huh that's right.' it's genre is alternative i believe but it also sounds a bit trance because of its fast upbeats. it was also used in a VH1 short commercial viewing a bunch of the latest music artists. [c. nguyen, 2003/04/11]
hey wuts the band and song in the diet pepsi commercial, Mud people. it has a bunchof teens at a concert jumping up and down in mud, and coverd in it. this is a website you can see the commercial on, [Kara and Lida, 2003/04/11]
Who sings the song in the American Eagle Outfitter's commercial when the girl is sneaking out to me a guy? I've also heard it in several MTV shows? [Dawn, 2003/04/12]
theres a new AT&T commercial... it says 'Talk is Good' its all instrumental [Darren Jackson, 2003/04/12]
Wanting to know the name of the song and the singer of the song that was played at the end of the 'Suspect' episode of CBS' Without a Trace, which aired on April 17, 2003. The song is by a female, very soulful, and one phrase is 'one of these mornings', I believe. [Mary, 2003/04/17]
TELUS's TV commarcial in summer 2002. There are 2 litle monkeys on it,and they said 'Bored?' That song is funky sound. There are two voices guy's Rap and female's 'Oh,yeah' in it. I heard same song on FOX's animation 'King of the hill'. story was Bobby will be mascot 'long horn' in his school's American football team. The scene that the song was played is bobby's turn audition of to be mascot at gym. [TZ, 2003/04/19]
whats the song in the pringles spicy cajun comercial with the aligator (ba ba ba ba-ba ba...) [sam, 2003/04/19]
Do you happen to know the song from an episode of Jackass, the song appears when the crew are on a big wooden ramp and are jumping into a river from it. Its a rap song from the 80s or early 90s. The chorus went 'round and round you go' several times. [Jonny, 2003/04/20]
i would like to know the song of the advertisment of the beer koff which is now on TV (april 2003). [marta, 2003/04/22]
I'm looking for the title of the theme song for the Microsoft ad about kids reaching their potential. The quote in the ad is, 'We stand in awe of kids and their potential. We see them as doctors, as heroes, as inventors. We see their potential and make software that helps them unlock it.' [Nick, 2003/04/23]
There's a Budweiser commercial where a couple is standing ackwardly at the end of a date contemplating a kiss. The girl finally makes the first move kissing the guy on top of a car hood and a female opera song kicks in briefly. Caught the commercial during basketball NBA games mostly. [George, 2003/04/25]
What show or movie is Rickie Lee Jones' song 'Horses' performed in? I can picture the girl singing the song at a microphone but I can't see the GIRL'S FACE! [trish, 2003/04/26]
Please oh please find out the name and artist of the song in the Intel Centrino Ads. [Brad, 2003/04/26]
In the new Charlie's Angeles: Full Throttle commerical right after the 'Columbia Pictures Presents' is displayed, which is smack in the middle of the trailer, a song kicks on as the villon is introduced. The song is only played shortly, which then kicks into Prodigy's 'Fire Starter'. [Evan, 2003/04/27; link to the trailer]
I wanted to know what that music was in the backround of Chris Bermans 2003 NFL draft...i've heard alot before when he does his highlights during halftime on monday night football....its some type of classical music, but i have no idea what it is. [Troy Sansone, 2003/04/28]
What is that song that played on the 'Spring Break' episode of Csi Miami? It was on episode number 121 and it was the last song they played on the show. It was a hip hop song with guys and girls singing. It aired on April 28th. [Rachel, 2003/04/29]
I'm looking for a particular song. Its from one of the new Labatt Blue commercials. The commercial is about this guy who goes on a trip and only takes with him a toothbrush. The commercial shows the toothbrush going through airport security and etc... Anyways, what's the song that is playing in the background???? Its a techno/dance beat thats really sweet, and I can't get it out of my head! [Ali Al-Dhaher, 2003/04/30]
The song playing in the Labatt Blue Light commercial with the toothbrush going through the airport and ends with the guy saying 'well, I'm unpacked'. [Matthew, 2003/05/06]
Can you please tell me what is the name of the piece that plays on Mama's Family in the 2-part episode when they go to Hawaii? It is a love theme and plays repeatedly when various characters are meeting their 'true loves'. [Terri, 2003/05/03]
The song is by a black female rap group, like TLC but not them. 'Bad, bad boy, come with me, come with me... 'are the lyrics. [Seth K., 2003/05/03]
I think in the year 1999, a well-known rapper by the name of 'canibus' released a single entitled '2000 b.c.' In it, he sampled an operatic requiem that I have been searching for for years now. This song also appears on one of the commericals for the animated movie 'Ice Age.' There are people singing, I think they may be singing in Latin, I'm not quite sure. [Tosha, 2003/05/03]
Please please please tell me what the tune off the Mastercard advert from 2002 is - it was on during the world cup last year and said 'getting you and your mates 4 tickets to the world cup - priceless'. It had a deep and slow bassline and was a real toe-tapper. [Matt Ball, 2003/05/07]
whats the new skyy blue commercial song, it has a little hip hop flair to it, what is it [todd, 2003/05/08]
The song is from the recent Skyy Blue commercial (more recent than the one currently listed), featuring several bikini clad women on and around a yacht, and a very summery overexposed look to the film. The music itself has a very 70's instrumental feel to it. I first saw the commercial in the beginning of May (2003). [Bobak, 2003/05/15]
What's the song from the new telus commercial? It has a little cimp in it. It sounds like a disco song. It sounds like a disco song.. [Jessie, 2003/05/08]
In the 1976 movie Man Who Would be King (Sean Connery & Micheal Caine) what is the song throughout? Caine sings a bit when they throw Connery into the gorge at the end. [andrewmcc, 2003/05/09]
I'm looking for the music used on Nina Ricci's fashion show spring-summer 2003. Female voice. [Nat, 2003/05/09]
what's the name of the song & group of the new outback steak house commercial something about mum. the word of the day is mum ,or mum's the word. [rico carbonetti, 2003/05/11]
whats the song where its like 'me and my best friend' and its usually used in commericals where people frolic or in shows where 2 friends are happy together.hard to explain cause those are the only words that stuck in my head. [drew, 2003/05/13]
I am looking for lyrics and/or information about the title song of the 1947 movie Golden Earrings staring Ray Miland and Marlene Dietrich. One line of the song went 'If your love wears golden earrings, he'll be true to you.' [Patricia Stegall, 2003/05/13]
Whats the song in the newest Sprite commercial with Kobe Bryant? The one where he is shown working out, boxing, running, etc. May 2003 [Matt, 2003/05/14]
Do you have any idea as to what the name of the song is that was playing on the 'Friends' season finally tonight, at the end when Joey kisses Rachel??? [Lucie, 2003/05/15]
TelecomUSA 1010987--commercial May 2003, what is the name of the song in this commercial? It doesn't play long enough for me to get the words [Suzi, 2003/05/17]
Whats the name of that song that playes on a milk commercial where a boy is in a department store with all the speakers on high and his chocolate milk on top vibrating (Shaking) from the vibrations? [Andrew, 2003/05/22]
I was looking for the name or artist of the song playing during the 'Keen Eddie' trailer on FOX. It is the song playing when the girl is asleep on the couch and he drops his pen cap behind her butt and goes to reach for it. [Angela Maupin, 2003/05/23]
trying to figure out what the artist/song is that was the theme song on the television series 'Kingpin'...has also been playing on the trailer for the movie '2 Fast 2 Furious'. spanish song--- kinda rap/alternative...something about 'no mas y mas'??? [tracy, 2003/05/26]
Hi, I have been trying to find the title of a music piece and the musician for a long time, can you help me out plz? The music was the title song in the love story (1970), I'm including the webpage addy so that you can check the movie out. Recently the song has also been used in the new GE commercial where this nerdy guys(nanotech) meets this model in a laundry mat and get married and have a house full of GE technologies. [Saba, 2003/05/26]
Do you know what the song in the bacardi silver commercial where a shiny headed guy joins 2 women ina phone booth is ?? sounds like a spanish rap song ?? [Damo, 2003/05/29]
I am looking for the song in the Canon digital printer commercial with the hummingbirds. [phil, 2003/06/07]
It's a song from the 80's a dance song that was used for models on the runway or catwalk it's upbeat and a bit techno it has appeared in a couple of movies. It's that song when you hear it you know it. PS not the im so [StephanoJM, 2003/06/14]
In the opening scene of 'Girl, Interupted' it shows several of the mental patients including Angelina Jolie and Winone Ryder in a dingy room and a very slow, instrumental song is playing (I believe its piano). The singer is male, although I cannot remember any lyrics. I have also heard this song on an episode of the TV show 'State Of Grace'. [serena, 2003/06/20]
Im looking for the song that is in the DC shoe commercial where they are out street skating and there are big letters spelling out LOVE on location. Please help! [Charlie, 2003/06/25]
What is the name of the song played in the current (2003) Diet Coke ad? There is a woman sitting on a train and a guy reading a newspaper. The only words I could hear from the song was 'Hello my love'. Any ideas? [jackie, 2003/07/03]
No more than 10 minutes into the film 'The Rules of Attraction', Ian Somerhalder is talking to 2 guys at a party. A song comes on, and one of the guys says 'oh man, I love this song'..... there's a 5-10 second chance to identify it.... [Greg, 2003/07/07]
it's not a commercial or on the radio much but I was still wondering if you could find them, I heard them at hockey games, the chorus goes: oh hey, oh hey, oh hey, oh hey, ohhhhhhh heyyyyyyyy, ohhhhhhhh heyyyyyyyyyy, put it isn't the 11:30 song. the other songs chorus goes whoaaaaaaa, whoaaaaaa whoaaaaa , with a bunch of guys yelling it in the back grown. [Andrew, 2003/07/07]
I want to find what song gets played between shows on PBS channel 13 in New York. It plays while clips of PBS characters are playing. It's ususually played from 3 to 5 and is always cut short. [Maxine Kuang, 2003/07/18]
??? (cruise line commercial)
Dream Academy, Life in a Northern Town
7-Up (goosebumps)
Cole Porter, You Do Something To Me
Adidas ('All Day All Night')
Elias Arts, ???
Allstate Insurance
The Beatles, When I’m Sixty-Four
Allstate Insurance (2003, NCAA basketball)
John Donne (poet; performed by [Joan Baez?]), No Man Is An Island; thanks for the artist hint, Amy Bramblette!
American Express Blue
Ray Bolger, Judy Garland, Jack Haley, and Bert Lahr, If I Only Had A Brain
American Express Blue ('Flexible', 2001)
Tchaikovsky, Pas de Action - Adagio (from The Sleeping Beauty); thanks denise!
American Express Blue ('Play', 2001)
Gary Numan (performed by Fear Factory with Gary Numan), Cars; thanks denise!
Anger Management (movie preview)
The Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again; thanks Matt!
Anheuser Busch
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Simple Man
AOL for Broadband ('we can rebuild him')
Oliver Nelson, Theme from The Six Million Dollar Man
As It Happens (CBC) Closing Theme
Moe Koffman, Koff Drops
As It Happens (CBC) Opening Theme
Moe Koffman, Curried Soul
AT&T mlife (2002; young couple meet on a bus)
Kings of Convenience, Toxic Girl; thanks Gary Joseph, Elizabeth Hughes and Paul Cox!
Axe Deodorant ('Lift' campaign; I want ya)
Nova Tempo, L’Ascenseur (commissioned)
Axe Deodorant ('Mannequin' campaign)
Endless Noise, ??? (commissioned)
Banana Republic
Nina Simone, Feeling Good
Basic Black (CBC) Secondary Theme
John Prine, That’s the Way the World Goes ’Round
The Bay
Kim Mitchell, Patio Lanterns
Chad and Jeremy, A Summer Song
Brutus Jeans (1976)
Keith Urban, Jeans On
Burger King
The Romantics, What I Like About You
Burger King (2002)
Love Unlimited Orchestra, Love’s Theme; thanks Paul Cox!
Canon (husband and family watching home movies)
Debbie Boone, You Light Up My Life; thanks Paul Cox!
Capital One
Thin Lizzy, The Boys are Back in Town
Cheerios (strawberry, 2003)
Partridge Family, I Think I Love You
CHUM FM 104.5 (2002, 'It’s so quiet in here')
Shaggy, Luv Me Luv Me
CIBC (2003)
Dido, Thank You
Cingular Wireless (2003)
Talk Talk, Talk Talk
The Who, Overture from Tommy; thanks Chris!
Basement Jaxx, Red Alert; thanks Andi Payn, Jamie and Peter!
CSI (CBS television)
The Who, Who Are You?
CSI: Miami (CBS television)
The Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again
Karl Jenkins, Palladio
Definition (CTV game show hosted by Jim Perry)
Quincy Jones, Soul Bossa Nova
Diet Coke
probably The Bangles, Eternal Flame
Diet Coke
Mazzy Star, Fade Into You
Diet Coke
Cheap Trick, I Want You To Want Me
Diet Coke (2003; lemons in refrigerator)
Exile, Kiss You All Over
Diet Coke (1996; Lucky Vanous)
Nina Simone, I Put A Spell On You
Diet Coke (1995; Lucky Vanous as a construction worker)
Etta James, I Just Wanna Make Love To You
Diet Pepsi (2003)
MxPx, Well Adjusted
Diet Pepsi (2003)
MxPx, Going Crazy
Diet Pepsi ('the hair I had in high school')
A Flock of Seagulls, I Ran
T. Marvin Hatley, Honolulu Baby (from Sons of the Desert)
Eclipse Flash Strips (2003)
Res, Let Love; thanks denise!
Electrasol Gelpacs
Theme from The Jetsons
John Luker and Walter Werzowa (Musikvergnuegen), ??? (commissioned)
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Over the Rainbow
Fashion Television (CityTV)
Animotion, Obsession
Fraternity Life (MTV)
Simple Plan, Addicted
Fresh Air (CBC) Theme (McNeil/Strange)
???, Blue Spanish Eyes
The Friendly Giant (CBC television)
Traditional, Early In The Morning
Gap (2003)
The O’Jays, Love Train
Gap (2003)
Earth Wind and Fire, September
Gap (2003, “A New Groove, A New Jean”)
Madonna and Missy Elliott, Into the Hollywood Groove (remix of Into the Groove and Hollywood)
Gap (2003, “Worked In Jeans”; bare-chested guy in jeans)
Squeeze (performed by Peter Gabriel), Tempted
Gap (Carole King & Louise Goffin)
Carole King, You’re So Far Away
Gap (“Down on Khaki Street”—Ashton Kutcher, Scarlett Johansson, Zooey Deschanel, Jay Hernandez)
version 1 - The La’s, Feelin’; version 2 - The Shins, Whoa, Trish!
Gap (“Denim Invasion”—Kate Beckinsale & Orlando Bloom, couple walking ahead of crowd, then running, in black and white)
version 1 - The Easybeats, Sorry; version 2 - The Troggs, Love is All Around
Gap (“Two White Shirts”—Dennis Hopper & Christina Ricci)
version 1 - The Beach Boys, Hang On to Your Ego (instrumental); version 2 - Marmalade, I See the Rain
Gap (Juliette Lewis)
Daft Punk, Digital Love
Gap ('Gapstretch' stretch jeans, Shalom Harlow, 2002)
The American Breed, Bend Me, Shape Me
Gap ('Loose' relaxed fit jeans, Will Kemp, 2002)
Quincy Jones (featuring Ashford & Simpson), Stuff Like That
Gap ('Standard' boot-fit jeans, Willie Nelson and Ryan Adams, 2002)
Hank Williams, Move It On Over
Gap (stretch, 2003)
Simon and Garfunkel, Feelin’ Groovy (The 52nd Street Bridge Song)
Gap (stretch jeans, Marianne Faithfull and Taryn Manning, 2002)
Staple Singers, I’ll Take You There
Gap ('Loose' relaxed-fit jeans, Djimon Hounsou and Baba Oje, 2002)
John Lee Hooker, Boom Boom
Gap (Will Ferrell)
Neil Diamond, Forever in Blue Jeans
Bill Withers, Lovely Day
Brian Setzer Orchestra, Jump, Jive and Wail
Crystal Method, Busy Child
Depeche Mode, Just Can’t Get Enough
Donovan, Mellow Yellow
Dwight Yoakam, Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Leonard Bernstein, Cool
Low, Little Drummer Boy
Madonna, Dress You Up
New Edition, Cool It Now
Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby
Gatorade ('Anti-Physics')
Yo-Yo Ma, Cello Suite #1; via The Source Maythenyi
General Electric (geek and supermodel, 2003)
Francis Lai, Theme from Love Story
Hallmark (2003, girl on assembly line, guy gives bear with heart and can opener)
???, ??? (commissioned); thanks Robert Bogart!
Heineken (2002, guy freezing arm reaching into ice bucket)
Engelbert Humperdinck, Quando Quando Quando
Heineken (2003, guy asks for check when date drinks his beer)
The Association, Never My Love
Hinterland Who’s Who (1960s nature vignettes)
Blood, Sweat and Tears, Variations on a Theme by Erik Satie (Gymnopedie No. 1)
HP (digital camera, Eiffel Tower, 2002)
Les Sans Culottes, L’allumeuse OR The Penguin Café Orchestra, Perpetuum Mobile; thanks Arnold Stevens, Frick Keith and poobah!
HP (2003)
Polyphonic Spree, Section 9 (Reach For The Sun)
HP (2003, 'Green Room')
The Flaming Lips, Do You Realize??
Ice Breakers (2003, questions pop into guy's head)
Gorillaz, 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix); thanks Paul Cox!
Imperial Margarine (potato on grocery checkout)
England Dan and John Ford Coley, I’d Really Love to See You Tonight
Basement Jaxx, Do Your Thing
Blur, Song 2
Moby, We Are All Made of Stars
Intel (2003)
Supergrass, Alright
Intel Pentium III
Jorge Ben, Umbabaraumba
J.C. Penney
Paris Combo, Living Room
J.C. Penney (2002, families)
The Jackson 5, I’ll Be There; via The Source Maythenyi
Jenny Craig
Peter Frampton, Show Me the Way
Kellogg’s Vive
Iggy Pop, Lust for Life
Kodak (2002)
War, Why Can’t We Be Friends
Kohl’s (2003)
Robert Schneider, ??? (commissioned)
Donovan, Colours
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (laundromat)
Nat Simon, Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Labatt Blue (Out of the Blue campaign, whistling guys in waiting room)
Dolores Claman (composer), CBC Television’s Hockey Night in Canada theme
Labatt Blue (Out of the Blue campaign, dropped bottle into lake)
Frank Sinatra, Beyond the Sea
Labatt Blue (Out of the Blue campaign, 'The Last Burger')
Violent Femmes, Blister in the Sun
Labatt Blue (Out of the Blue campaign, camping singalong)
Neil Diamond, Sweet Caroline
Labatt Blue Light (Free Your Time campaign, castaway)
Chambers Brothers, Time Has Come Today
Las Vegas Tourism
Johnny Thunder (performed by Mummydogs), Ask Me No Questions; thanks Dana!
Levi’s (2003)
Ladytron, Blue Jeans
Levi’s (2003)
Pepe Deluxé, Woman In Blue/Before You Leave
Levi’s (2003, girl steals back own car)
Lush, Undertow; thanks Paul Cox!
Levi’s (2003, stampede, man and woman standing up against a herd of buffalo)
Mogwai, Summer; thanks Michael X., Helen Lin and Paul Cox!
Levi’s (2002, 'French Dictionary', guy looking for French dictionary in sunken car)
Air, Playground Love; thanks Ben!
Levi’s ('Crazy Legs', Johnny Cervin)
Molotov OR Control Machete, Si, Señor; thanks Salvador, Michael X. and HG!
Jimi Hendrix, Foxy Lady
Blur, Song 2
Mastercard (2003)
Supergrass, Alright; thanks chris flannery!
Mastercard (dogs, 2003)
Sammy Davis Jr., I’ve Gotta Be Me
The Shins, New Slang; thanks laura!
Metropolitan Life Insurance (2003, woman coaxes mother to skate)
Cat Power, Sea of Love; thanks Marnie Christenson!
Miller Genuine Draft (DJ gets girl to dance, 2003)
Stiff (featuring Erika and Montage), Workin’; thanks David and Don!
Miller Genuine Draft ('Yes', 2003)
Morphine, Buena
Miller Genuine Draft (2002)
Modest Mouse, Gravity Rides Everything
Miller Genuine Draft (2002)
Smog, Held
Miller Genuine Draft (1997)
Land of the Loops, Multi Family Garage Sale
Miller Genuine Draft
Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Loco
Molson Canadian ('I Am Canadian' campaign, cross-border beer run, drops case)
Proclaimers, 500 Miles
Molson Canadian ('I Am Canadian' campaign, no shoes no service)
Proclaimers, I’m On My Way
Tugboat Annie, More
Mott’s (2002)
Dusty Springfield, I Only Want To Be With You
Mott’s Clamato Juice (ninjas)
Carl Perkins, Kung Fu Fighting
MTV (various)
Nikka Costa, Like a Feather; thanks Cass!
Natural Resources Defense Council (40 mph car)
Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime
NFL (2002)
Ani DiFranco, 32 Flavors
Nike ('Move', 2002, people playing various sports)
Jonathan Elias, ??? (commissioned)
Nike (2002)
Cole Porter, Don’t Fence Me In
Noa Perfume
This Mortal Coil, Song to the Siren
Northern Telecom (Nortel)
David Bowie, Changes
Northern Telecom (Nortel)
The Beatles, Come Together
Old Navy (George Hamilton)
The Rivieras (words/music by Henry Glover and Morris Levy), California Sun
Old Navy
K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Keep It Comin’ Love
Old Navy (2003, 'Love Boat, Graphic Tees')
Theme from The Love Boat
Hot Buttered, Popcorn
Rod Stewart, Forever Young
Pantene Pro-V (December 2002)
Eddy Grant, Electric Avenue
Park’s Sausages
Andrea True Connection, More, More, More
Pepsi ('street' dancing)
DJ Kool, Let Me Clear My Throat
Pepsi (Beyonce Knowles)
Georges Bizet, Habanera (L’amour est un oiseau rebelle) (from Carmen)
Pepsi Blue
SEV, Same Old Song
The Beatles, Getting Better
Basement Jaxx, Where’s Your Head At?
Bill Withers, Use Me
Cliff Richard, Summer Holiday; thanks Jason!
House of Pain, Jump Around
King Africa, Salta 2001
Sarah Vaughan, Whatever Lola Wants
Ralph Lauren
Carly Simon and James Taylor, My Romance; thanks Paul Cox!
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue
The Jayhawks, I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
Raymond Weil
bond, Victory
Daniel Boone, Beautiful Sunday
Reebok (2003)
Jay-Z, Hovi Baby
Royal Caribbean
Iggy Pop, Lust for Life
Jackie DeShannon, Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Sheraton Hotels
Rolling Stones, Let’s Spend The Night Together; via AdAge
Skyy Blue
Dick Dale, Esperanza
Apples in Stereo, Strawberryfire
Sony (2003, Super Bowl; man in space)
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (performed by Alana Davis), Carry On; thanks Kevin Keenan and Missy!
Sorority Life (MTV)
Michelle Branch, You Get Me
Southern Comfort
Magnetic Fields, Strange Powers
Queen, Somebody to Love
Staples 'back to school'
Eddie Pola, George Wyle, It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Star Gazer (PBS, hosted by Jack Horkheimer)
Claude Debussy (performed by Isao Tomita), Arabesque #1
Tones on Tail, Go
Stepmom (movie, sung to little boy)
Lyle Lovett (performed by Julia Roberts), If I Needed You; thanks Matt!
Stetson cologne (cowboy riding into sunset with girl on horseback)
???, ??? (commissioned)
Target (2002)
The Donnas, Hey I’m Gonna Be Your Girl
Target (Christmas 2002)
Stevie Wonder and India.Arie, The Christmas Song (limited release at Target); thanks laura!
Target (Christmas 2002)
Peggy Lee, Sweet Happy Life
Target (Mossimo leather jackets)
Daniel Johnston (cover by Mary Lou Lord), Speeding Motorcycle
Astrid, Boy or Girl
Canned Heat, Let’s Work Together
Devo, It’s A Beautiful World
Telus (running lizards, 2003)
Vangelis, Theme from Chariots of Fire
Telus (cheetah and turtle, 2003)
Spencer Davis Group, Somebody Help Me
Telus (cheetahs, 2003)
Tom Jones, What’s New Pussycat
Telus (monkeys, Christmas 2002)
Oscar McLollie and His Honey Jumpers, Dig That Crazy Santa Claus
Telus (peacocks, 2002)
ABC, The Look of Love; thanks Peter Peter!
Telus (2002)
Dan Hill and Bonnie Tyler, Sometimes When We Touch; thanks Jayson Moon!
Telus (frogs, 'Doesn’t tie up your phone line', 2002)
Yello, Oh Yeah
Telus (frogs, 'Tired of sharing?', 2002)
Loverboy, Turn Me Loose
Telus (tortoise and babies, 'Tired of sharing the Internet with your kids?', 2002)
Rockwell, Somebody’s Watching Me
Telus (orangutans, 'Download videos fast', 2002)
Fine Young Cannibals, She Drives Me Crazy
Telus (chimpanzee, 'Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival', 2002)
Helix, Rock You
Telus (chimpanzees, 'Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival', 2002)
Dave’s Band, The Ultimate Hamburger [I really want to hear this—ed.]
Telus (jack rabbit, 'Download huge files fast', 2002)
The Guess Who, Shakin’ All Over
Telus (baby cheetah, 'Download huge files fast', 2002)
Creedence Clearwater Revival Run Through the Jungle
Telus (beaver & wallaby, 'Bring your e-mails to life', 2001-2002)
Karen Carpenter, Close to You
Telus (cat & mouse, 'high-tech gifts at the Telus store', 2001)
Men at Work, Who Can It Be Now
Telus (egg, 'get voice mail, etc. from your computer or phone', 2001)
The Turtles, Happy Together
Canned Heat, Goin’ Up the Country
Tide (2003)
Irving Berlin and Herbert and Dorothy Fields, Anything You Can Do (from Annie Get Your Gun)
Tropicana Cranberry
Sister Sledge, We Are Family
Verizon (2003)
Mike and the Mechanics, All I Need Is A Miracle
VH1 (2003, flashes of current videos)
Buffalo Springfield, For What It’s Worth (remix)
Viagra (2002)
Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, Good Morning (from Babes in Arms)
Viagra (2003)
Queen, We Are The Champions
Victoria’s Secret (2003, angels)
Bob Dylan, Lovesick
Victoria’s Secret (2003, black and white poses)
Mirwais, Disco Science; thanks Paul Cox!
Victoria’s Secret (2003, 'What is sexy?')
Oasis, Hung In a Bad Place
Visa 'smart' card
John Darling, Charles Lovejoy (arr.), If I Only Had A Brain (from The Wizard of Oz)
Visa (2003, man wants to buy CD at football game)
Minnie Ripperton, Lovin’ You; thanks Paul Cox and j bayer!
Wrigley’s Extra ('Seatmates')
Harry Nilsson, Everybody’s Talking; via The Source Maythenyi
West Wing, episode Commencement
Massive Attack, Angel
Willard (movie trailer)
Michael Jackson, Ben; thanks Paul Cox!

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