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Pangako sa ’Yo (sometime: Pangako Sa Iyo) (English: My Promise to You) or The Promise (international broadcast title) is a Philippine soap opera or telenovela and is considered as one of the most popular soaps in the Philippine's recent television history.

Started in 2000, the Teleserye (the name given by ABS-CBN for their soap operas / telenovelas) ran for two-and-a-half years.

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Synopsis Pangako Sa 'Yo revolves around the story of a lovely housemaid, Yna, who falls in love with her senorito, Angelo. Their love story is destined to repeat history.

Years before, Yna's mother, Amor was also a maid in the Buenavista household, wherein Angelo's father, Eduardo was Doña Benita's favored son. When their love affair was discovered, Doña Benita drove Amor away from the Hacienda. Rejected and oppressed, Amor left the province of Puntaverde but vowed to take revenge. Unknown to Eduardo, Amor was already carrying his child, Yna. Eduardo then married the powerful and influential, Claudia.

Amor left two-year old Yna with her mother, Chayong and married a foreigner who brought her to the United States.

But tragedy befell on Chayong and young Yna. Chayong died and Yna was adopted by Tata Isko and was whole-heartedly accepted by the family, natives of Puntaverde.

Yna grew up not knowing her past, until fate led her to Hacienda Buenavista and there, she met Angelo.

Thus, a new cycle of love and passion begins with mysteries and secrets about to unfold.

In-Depth Plot The story starts with the love story of Amor (Eula Valdes) and Eduardo Buenavista (Tonton Gutierrez). Eduardo's mother, Benita, opposes the relationship since Amor was just a maid and also because she wanted Eduardo to marry Claudia (Jean Garcia) for political reasons. Eduardo's brother, Diego (Jestoni Alarcon), who has a crush on Amor, was asked by Benita to separate them. Eduardo, on seeing Diego trying to rape Amor, mistook it as them having a relationship, and is heartbroken and decides to marry Claudia. Amor, now pregnant, is forced to leave the Buenavista Hacienda and went back to her mother at a trash dump site. She vows to have her revenge on the Buenavista family when she finds out that Eduardo has married Claudia.

After giving birth to a girl named Maria Amor, Amor and her friend Lourdes survived by working in clubs. Amor caught the eye of a rich American who brings her to the US. She leaves her child and mother at the dump and sends money to them from time to time.

The American was abusive to Amor. When a landslide hit the dump site, making Amor think that her mother and daughter had died, he still did not allow her to go back to the Philippines. She got her revenge on him by not getting the medical help he needed when he suffered a stroke. He died and she inherits all his money.

Eduardo and Claudia had two children: Angelo and Lia. Eduardo is the current Governor of Puente Verde while Claudia has become the ever elusive Gambling Queen. Angelo is a rebel who dislikes his father while Lia is the sweet, church-attending teen whose feelings everyone wants to protect.

Amor's daughter, however, survives the landslide and is adopted by a couple, Isko and Belen Macaspac. They already had a son named Caloy, who hated Yna. The couple found drawings Eduardo made for Amor, signed "Ynamorata" near the abandoned child, so they decided to call the little girl they found Ynamorata. Isko and Belen soon had another child, Flerida.

Benita Buenavista regretted forcing Eduardo to marry Claudia as her daughter-in-law turned out to be a bitch. She tried to explain on her deathbed that she was the one who broke his relationship with Amor but died before explaining. She then haunted the dreams of the now grown up Yna to make up for her sins.

By accident, Yna and Eduardo meet and Yna dreams Benita showing her that her past lies in the Buenavista family. Intrigued, she gets a job working as a maid for the family in hopes of finding out about her past.

Yna and Angelo fall in love, much to the chagrin of Claudia, and due to the fact she looks down on maids, makes Yna's life a living hell.

Amor, coming back from the US as Amor Powers, has made a name for herself in the business world, all the while planning her revenge on the Buenavista family, whom she blamed for the sufferings she endured before as well as the assumed death of her child. One of the most awaited parts is the revelation to Amor that Yna is in fact her long lost daughter. The dilemma is that, after finding out that Yna's true father is Eduardo, Angelo and Yna are therefore siblings. It is later revealed that the true father of Angelo is actually Diego, not Eduardo. The conclusion is that everyone is reunited with their true loves- Yna marries Angelo, Claudia marries Simon Barcial, and Amor and Eduardo are together.

Background Directed by Rory B. Quintos and conceptualized for TV by a creative team headed by Olivia M. Lamasan, Pangako Sa’Yo is a continuing drama soap that spans three generations – of a family torn apart by deceit, anger and ambition – of a future held in chains by secrets from yesterday – and of love shrouded by a past that is bound to return.



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Not to be mistaken with "Pangako Sa Iyo" which ran in 1992!

Key Facts Status : Ended Running Time : 30 minutes Premiered : November 13, 2000 Date Ended : September 20, 2002 Language : Tagalog TV Station : ABS-CBN Country : Philippines Color : Coloured Genre : Drama Age Rating : PG-13


Ratings The drama's overall ratings in Mega Manila was 56.6.

International releases The soap opera was shown/currently showing in:

Pangako sa ’Yo was a successful hit in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore. It's highest rating in Indonesia was 50. It is one of the highest rated imported dramas ever shown in Indonesia, along with Dae Jang Geum, Full House and Winter Sonata.


Episode Guide Full Story of Pangako Sayo The soap had 480 episodes, each episode thirty minutes each. It was originally shown every weeknight during primetime, with its timeslot shifting within the 7PM-9PM schedule.

EPISODE No. 1 | Nov. 13, 2000, Monday The Buenavistas were experiencing financial turmoil. Because of this, they did not have enough money to pay the workers and this caused the workers to stage an uprsing. Dona Benita panicked and told her son, Diego, to find his brother, Eduardo, who, at that moment was making passionate love with Amor, the servant.

Dona Benita told Eduardo that he must be wed to Claudia from the political Zalameda clan. Eduardo did not want to for it was Amor he loved. But Dona Benita told his son that they needed the Zalamedas' money for them to rise from the crisis. On the other hand, the Zalamedas were also in favor of their wedding for they needed the Buenavistas' name for political reasons.

Unfortunately, Dona Benita caught Eduardo and Amor being intimate with each other, and it drove Dona Benita really angry. So she threw Amor out of the Hacienda.

Dona Benita talked to Diego and told him to do something to get rid of Amor for good. So, when Diego found Amor in the street, he told Amor that he had a plan to get her and Eduardo out of town... away from Puntaverde.

EPISODE No. 2 | Nov. 14, 2000, Tuesday Eduardo was driving around, looking for Amor. Diego brought Amor in a hut and tried to rape her. When suddenly, Eduardo came and got the wrong impression.

Amor ran to the Hacienda to explain to Eduardo everything. But Eduardo did not listen and cursed her. Amor begged Diego to tell the whole truth, but he did not.

All bruised physically, emotionally and homeless, Amor went straight to the Church. Morning came and Padre saw Amor sleeping on the doorsteps. He fed her and told her to stay in the Church for the meantime, and later on, they found out that Amor was carrying Eduardo's child.

Padre went to the Buenavistas and tried to talk to Eduardo, but Padre was confronted by Dona Benita. He was left with no choice but to tell her everything. Dona Benita warned Padre that if he did not get rid of Amor, she would destroy him. Padre went back to the Church with a pocketful of money and drove Amor away.

Amor went back home to Chayong, her mother, who lived in the Payatas dumpsite. Drowning in depression, Amor tried to kill the baby, but Chayong stopped her.

However, in the Hacienda, Eduardo and Claudia were introduced to each other. ...And the wedding was being prepared.

EPISODE No. 3 | Nov. 15, 2000, Wednesday Upon Dona Benita and Mayor Zalameda's wish, Eduardo and Claudia got married against their will.

Amor stayed in Payatas as a scavenger and found out about the wedding when it was published in the newspaper that she found from a pile of garbage. Amor was enraged and swore to take revenge.

Eduardo continued to drown himself with alcohol to forget his ruined life. Claudia dispised him. She was ashamed of Eduardo but her father, Mayor Zalameda, wanted to build up Eduardo's image so he could be his successor.

Two years have passed. Amor already gave birth to Maria Amor and made her living as a dancer at a sleazy nightclub. There she met an American who promised her marriage and a life in the United States, but with a condition that she could not bring along her daughter. It was a tough decision for Amor but she chose to go abroad for the sake of her daughter's future. Before she left, she put on a bracelet on Maria Amor with Amor's name, Inamorata, engraved on it. Amor continously sent money to her mother to sustain their needs. Until an unfateful event happened when the Payatas dumpsite eroded because of the heavy rains and buried a lot of people... including Chayong. She died instanly, but Maria Amor survived.

EPISODE No. 4 | Nov. 16, 2000, Thursday Maria Amor was found by Tata Isko, his wife, Azon and ten-year old son, Caloy, lying in the garbage beside her things packed in a tattered box. They brought her home and told Caloy that starting that day, he would treat the baby as his real sister. As Tata Isko and Azon were going over the baby's things, they saw sketches of Amor and the name, Inamorata. They also saw the baby's bracelet. So they named the baby, Yna.

At the Hacienda, Diego and Eduardo had a heated arguement. Diego could not stand being the "servant" of his brother and Eduardo being his superior. So Diego went to Dona Benita who was very ill and blamed her for everything. Dona Benita ran after Diego but unfortunately, she had a heart attack and fell on the floor. No one saw her except Claudia. Dona Benita begged her for help, but Claudia left her in agony.

In the deathbed, Diego asked for forgiveness from his mother, but until her very last breath, it was still Eduardo that she favored. Dona Benita struggled to speak out the truth, wanting to confess to Eduardo that he had a child with Amor. But she passed away before she could even say a word.

After the funeral, Eduardo talked to Diego and told him that he wanted to forget about the past and start anew. Eduardo offered Diego a handshake, but Diego ignored it. Eduardo still could not forget Amor and he still made frequent visits in the hut where they both left their memories. Eduardo could not handle his feelings anymore and decided to live in reality... that Claudia is her wife.

EPISODE No. 5 | Nov. 17, 2000, Friday Yna always dreamed about an old woman who was always haunting her and begging her for forgiveness. She believed that the woman in her dreams would be a key for her to find her real mother. When she woke up, the house was on fire! Azon called for help. A neighbor called Caloy from the saklaan that he and his wife, Julieta, operate. Yna screamed but later on lost conciousness. David, Yna's childhood friend, who feels for her, rescued Yna from the fire. Caloy blamed Yna for everything. Out of rage, he hit her and threw hurting words at her.

The family had no choice but to live with Caloy and Julieta. It was against Julieta's will, but she made a compromise with the family that they pay rent and buy their own food. Julieta also told Yna to give her half of Yna's salary that she earned from working at a cheap carnival. Julieta showed no respect for her mother-in-law, especially to Tata Isko, who has Alzheimer�s disease.

David pitied Yna and he offered her some money. While walking home together, they saw Tata Isko in the middle of the road... and a vehicle was about to hit him! Yna rushed to save Tata Isko. Fortunately, the car swerved to another direction. Inside the car was Eduardo.

EPISODE No. 6 | Nov. 20, 2000, Monday Tata Isko was nearly hit by Eduardo's vehicle. Luckily, Yna was there and shoved Tata Isko out of the way. It was Yna's first time to meet Eduardo, the Governor.

Eduardo arrived late for the big event in the new Buenavista mansion and Claudia was angry for keeping Congressman Corona waiting. Claudia wanted to make a good impression on Congressman Corona for political reasons. But Eduardo did not comply with her tactics.

Yna was sick and did not go to the carnival for work. Julieta was so angry and hit her. When Julieta left, Caloy went over to Yna and touched her maliciously. She tried to avoid Caloy but he hit Yna. Julieta ran toward them and Caloy lied that it was Yna who seduced him. Julieta grabbed Yna and cruelly dunked her head in a drum of water. Julieta also threw them out of their home and were left with no choice but to stay at David's house.

The saklaan got raided and Caloy was thrown in jail. Julieta begged Escador, the vice chief of police, who was Julieta's gambling protector and bribed him with a "virgin" for her husband's release. At the same time, Angelo, Eduardo's son, was also brought to jail because of reckless driving. Eduardo bailed him out but father and son had a heated encounter with eachother.

Scheming Julieta needed Yna for Caloy's release and begged her for forgiveness. She also asked them to go back home. Julieta lied to Yna about the job as a waitress in Manila that Julieta would give her. But Yna did not accept it because no one would take care of Tata Isko. On the other hand, Angelo and his sister, Lia, talked about their miserable life at home. But Lia pleaded for his brother not to ruin his life and asked if they could spend time together.

EPISODE No. 7 | Nov. 21, 2000, Tuesday David was not in favor of Yna and her family to go back to Julieta's. But it was Nanay Belen who talked Yna out of it.

Early in the morning at the Buenavista mansion, Angelo rushed out of the house and rode his car. Claudia tried to stop him but Angelo told his mother that he would always be a pain to them. Eduardo warned Angelo not to ever ask him for help when he gets in trouble.

Whenever Eduardo felt bad, he always talked to Mark, his loyal assistant and confidant. And with his domestic life in turmoil, Mark was Eduardo's shock-absorber.

Julieta intentionally put rat poison in Tata Isko's food. She wanted him killed for it was Tata Isko who was getting in the way of her plans. But when Julieta gave the bowl of soup to Tata Isko, he threw it all over Julieta. This drove her really mad and hit the old man over and over. Because of this, Tata Isko climbed a tree. Yna conviced Tata Isko to come down and on his way, a branch broke and Tata Isko fell off the tree. He was brought to the hospital and underwent operation. They did not have money to pay for the hospital bills so Yna was left with no choice but to accept Julieta's offer.

EPISODE No. 8 | Nov. 22, 2000, Wednesday Julieta dressed Yna up in skimpy clothes and put thick make-up on her face. Yna asked why she had to look that way, but Julieta just shushed her. To Yna's surprise, she found out that Julieta sold her to Claudia as a gift for Congressman Corona's birthday. She was made to dance for the politicians, but Yna could not force herself to do it and so, she cried. Eduardo saw what happened and felt sorry for her. She wrapped Yna with his coat and told the people that Yna was still very young to do such a thing. Congressman Corona thought that Eduardo wanted Yna only for himself because Eduardo has a playboy reputation, so the congressman called for a bidding. The price went really high but Eduardo did not stop until she got a hold of Yna.

However, Angelo went to his Uncle Diego and his wife, Lourdes, who owns a sleazy nightclub. Angelo had always been fond of his Uncle and always goes straight to him whenever he feels depressed at home. Angelo asked Diego and Lourdes if he could stay with them for the meantime. Lourdes felt that Angelo would have a better life if he went home, but for Diego, it was a matter of where Angelo would be happier.

After the incident, Yna thanked Eduardo and told him that she was just sold by her sister-in-law. So, before Yna left, Eduardo handed her some money and told her to go home. Eduardo was puzzled why Yna had such an effect on him. All of a sudden, memories of his true love, Amor flashed in his mind.

EPISODE No. 9 | Nov. 23, 2000, Thursday Eduardo told Mark to transfer Yna and her family to a new home. When Yna got to Julieta's to tell her family the good news, she caught Julieta hitting Tata Isko again. Yna could not stand her anymore and so, she fought back. Julieta said that she would not allow them to leave the house for they still had debts to pay. So Yna got the money Eduardo gave her and threw it at Julieta.

Caloy is still in jail. Julieta was very furious and blamed Yna for ruining her plans to get Caloy out of the bars. She even begged Escador to do something, but even Escador got fed up with Julieta's nagging.

At the Hacienda, Claudia and Eduardo's marital problems are getting worse. No one knew where Angelo was. Lia missed her brother so much so she dialled Diego's number and luckily got a hold of Angelo. Suprisingly, Eduardo grabbed the phone and Lia had no choice but to tell her father where Angelo was.

Eduardo went to Diego's nightclub and grabbed Angelo. Suddenly, Eduardo and Diego met face to face. Diego told his brother not to force Angelo to go home. Angelo also made clear to his father that he did not have plans to go back to the Hacienda. So Eduardo left. Diego talked to his nephew to think about the situation and not to let his anger get in the way. Diego reminded Angelo that he did not want Angelo end up being like him.

Meanwhile, Yna and her family transferred to the Hacienda's rice field in a cozy, little hut. David helped them with the cleaning. David was saddened that he and Yna would be far from each other now. However, even if they already have a new home, Yna still continues to see the old woman in her dreams.

EPISODE No. 10 | Nov. 24, 2000, Friday Yna went to the Hacienda with a basketful of native food to thank Eduardo for giving them a place to live in. Mark brought her in the Hacienda's waiting area and told Yna to wait for the Governor. There she saw a picture of Dona Benita... the old woman in her dreams. Yna was shocked. And when Claudia entered the waiting area, Yna dropped the picture frame. Claudia threw a fist.

Yna went home and told Nanay Belen that she already found the old woman in her dreams and Yna was sure that her past has got something to to with the Hacienda.

One day, Yna brought fresh cow's milk to the Hacienda for the Governor. Nana Pacita panicked when she saw Yna standing in the front door. She told her to use the back door the next time she pays a visit for Claudia would definitely get angry if she sees her. Nana Pacita told Yna to wait outside while she bring the milk inside. When suddenly, Angelo came home and pinched Yna's buttocks! Yna got surprised and slapped Angelo. Nana Pacita saw what happened and told Yna that Angelo is the owner of the Hacienda. Yna did not want to say sorry and humbly told Angelo that everything was his fault.

Diego and Lourdes are facing financial crisis and could not pay Mrs. Chua for a huge debt they owe. They were given a month to pay or else, Mrs. Chua would take their life. When payday came, they cut a few pesos on their workers' wages. And as expected, the workers demanded or else they would leave the nighclub for good. Lourdes told Diego to eat his pride and ask money from his brother. But Diego did not comply.

Julieta grabbed Flerida while walking in the street and scared the child to tell her where they are staying. The family was surprised to see Julieta. Julieta asked Yna to plead the Governor for Caloy's release. Yna said that she would only do it if Nanay Azon asked her to. But Nanay Belen firmly said that Caloy made an offense and so, he must pay for it.

At the incarceration, Caloy, together with another prisoner, Ibrahim, planned a get-away. Caloy pretended to have a stomach pains. And when the guards opened the lock, the prisoners beat them and rushed out. Unfortunately, Caloy was shot.

EPISODE No. 11 | Nov. 27, 2000, Monday Angelo was already introduced to the peasants as their new superior who would take-charge of the farm. The people did not like the idea and thought that it was Claudia who put him in the position to watch over them. Obviously, Angelo has an eye for Yna and he called her to be his guide around the farm. Yna found Angelo to be arrogant, spoiled and lazy at first, but as she spent time with him, Yna found out that Angelo is kind-hearted and has concern toward the peasants, a total opposite of his heartless mother.

Angelo saw how close and affectionate Yna is to her family. And he was deeply touched when he saw Yna singing to Tata Isko while putting him to sleep. On the other hand, Yna also finds herself attracted to Angelo.

Lia noticed Jonathan teaching the poor children. On different occasions, Jonathan's attention was caught when he saw Lia singing in the choir. Then one day, they bumped into each other. They felt differently. When Lia was with her girl friends, they spot Jonathan and thought that he was cute. One of the girls made a joke on Jonathan and pulled his pants down! Lia apologized to Jonathan and had the chance to talk to each other. Lia found out that he likes charitable works and he grew up without knowing his father.

Eduardo prepared a small celebration for Colonel Makatubo, Eduardo's new provincial commander who did a good job with wiping out illegal gambling in the province. But since Claudia is the mastermind behind this illicit practice, she swore to Eduardo that she would not allow putting a stop to it.

Caloy was shot when he tried to escape from jail. So right away, he was transferred to maximum detention. Julieta hysterically begged the enforcers to let him stay in the provincial jail, but they ignored her.

EPISODE No. 12 | Nov. 28, 2000, Tuesday Lia noticed that Angelo was always in a good mood. She knew right away that her brother is in love and was eager to meet Yna, so Angelo brought Lia along with him. Unfortunately, their vehicle got stuck on mud and Angelo asked the people around for help. The people either ignored Angelo or were cold toward him. He later found out that these people left the Hacienda because of Claudia's unfair treatment. Angelo talked to his mother that they must listen to these people's voices because they give out sweat and blood for the Hacienda. Claudia remained calloused, but Angelo went on with his plan. The very next day, Angelo prepared a banquet of food for the people.

Yna always wore the dreamy look and Flerida always teased her. She also started to be conscious with her looks. Nanay Belen noticed Yna and she asked her if she was just using Angelo to get in Hacienda Buenavista. Yna explained to Nanay Belen that Angelo has a good heart and she would never use him.

Julieta went to the farm. She threw stones at the house and accidentally hit Tata Isko. Yna got angry and faced Julieta. At the detention, Caloy was shocked to see Bianong Taga, his mortal enemy from way back. Caloy experienced beatings inside prison. When Nanay Belen visited him, Caloy cursed and disowned his mother. He said that they only listened to Yna and he would do everything to take revenge on her.

Julieta tried her luck on Governor Eduardo. She introduced herself as Yna's sister-in-law. When Eduardo heard this, he recalled that she was the pimp who sold Yna during the Congressman's party. So Eduardo immediately drove her out of the Hacienda. Julieta begged but nothing happened. But then, she saw a car inside the Hacienda that looked familiar to her. It was the car that was used by the man who bought Yna!

Madam Coring, a fortuneteller who is always with Claudia, said that Angelo's aura was interesting. She claimed that Angelo is in love� with a very beautiful lady.

Diego and Lourdes are now in deep trouble. Their employees already left them because they demanded to get the full amount of their salary that Diego and Lourdes could not provide. Only the few loyal ones remained.

EPISODE No. 13 | Nov. 29, 2000, Wednesday Claudia and Madam Coring spied on Angelo. And by surprise, they saw Angelo and Yna together very dear toward each other. Very furious, Claudia ordered Angelo to stop hanging around Yna and accused her of being a parasite who only wanted money. Yna faced Claudia and told her that she was wrong - that all she wanted in life was to be able to work inside Hacienda Buenavista as a maid.

At the Hacienda, Madam Coring told Claudia to get Yna to work inside the Hacienda because she would bring good luck. So the very next day, Claudia went to the hut and told Yna that she could start working as a maid at the Hacienda.

Yna felt mixed emotions. She was happy because finally, she would soon discover her past inside the Hacienda where the old woman in her dreams is telling her. But she was deeply saddened because she would be away from her beloved family, especially to Tata Isko. Nanay Belen found it difficult to let go of Yna but still gave her approval for Yna to trace where she really came from. But it was Tata Isko who got affeceted the most. When Yna left, he could not eat and sleep.

When Angelo found out that Yna already works at the Hacienda, he felt really bad. When Angelo and Yna saw each other, Yna knew right away that he was disappointed. Angelo warned her that once she got in the Hacienda, she could never leave the place. One night, Angelo found Yna in the garden crying and missing her family.

Julieta recalled that a gambling lord ordered to buy a virgin. So, she concluded that it was Governor Buenavista who was the mastermind behind the illegal gambling. She told her plan to Caloy that if the Governor did not set Caloy free, Julieta would destroy his name. At the prison, Julieta saw Turing, the aide of an ex-Provincial Commander. It seemed like Julieta and Turing had a past. Julieta talked to Turing into transferring Caloy from a different cell away from Bianong Taga. He agreed, but Julieta must pay the price by having sex with him.

Jonathan and Lia are getting closer and closer, and obviously their attraction with each other is getting stronger.

EPISODE No. 14 | Nov. 30, 2000, Thursday Eduardo caught Yna going through the photographs in his desk and accused her of stealing. Yna explained to him that she just wanted to know she keeps on dreaming of Dona Benita since she was a child, telling Yna to find her past in the Hacienda.

Being the secret gambling lord, Claudia was irritated on how Makatubo, Eduardo's new provincial commander, erradicates all gamblings in town. Escador, one of Claudia's followers, turned over a new leaf and decided to stick to the good, to Eduardo's team. Becuase of this, Claudia ordered to have him killed.

Lourdes and Diego sold all their belongings becuase they needed money badly. Lourdes begged her husband to ask help from Eduardo, but Diego held on to his pride.

EPISODE No. 15 | Dec. 1, 2000, Friday Juieta seduced Turing for she wanted him to tell her who the gambling lord is. But Turing did not tell her. She heard that Turing and Capito would meet up with somebody. Thinking it was the gambling lord they would meet, Julieta followed Turing and Capito and saw them with Governor Eduardo.

Capito, the former provincial commander, met with Eduardo and told him that he wanted to get back his position in place of Makatubo, the new provincial commander that Eduardo has faith in. But the Governor did not agree. Capito warned Eduardo that he would expose all of his dirty moves during election period if he did not give Capito what he wanted. But still, Eduardo was umoved.

Eduardo and Claudia continued their battles. Eduardo was really angry at Claudia for plotting Escador's death. Their children heard and witnessed them, until Angelo spoke and accused their parents of all the mess that is happening to their lives.

Angelo brought snacks for the peasants in the field. She asked Yna to prepare for it because he wanted her to see her family.

EPISODE No. 16 | Dec. 4, 2000, Monday Eduardo was surprised how he could easily open up his thoughts and feelings with Yna. Yna offered a listening ear. Eduardo told her the whole truth why Angelo despises his father very much. It all started during the election campaign. Angelo met a car accident while riding his bestfriend Henry's car. It turned out that the car crashed on the vehicle of the son of Eduardo's political rival. The police found an unlicensed gun inside Henry's car. The rival could easily use this as blackmail for Eduardo if he let go of Angelo without punishment. So Eduardo had no choice but to lock up Henry and Angelo. Henry was so scared for his parents to find out. Then one night, Henry committed suicide and hung himself.

Claudia killed Capito because he planned to blackmail Eduardo and Claudia if he did not get back his position as Provincial Commander. Makatubo found Capito's body under his car with a note saying that Makatubo is next in line.

Lourdes and Diego's time was up. They still do not have money to pay Mrs. Chua. True to her words that she would take their lives if they did not pay on time, Mrs. Chua went for Lourdes and Diego but found their house empty. The two packed up their belongings and transferred to a new place.

Jonathan invited Lia to eat at the nearby carinderia. Jonathan told Lia that he thanks God for giving him a friend so simple, true and very easy to reach. Lia felt guilty. Afraid that Jonathan might not like her anymore, she did not tell Jonathan that she is the Governor's daughter. Lia also told her driver, Mang Lucio, to pick her up somewhere far from the Church so Jonathan would not see them.

Yna was cleaning the Buenavista's stockroom and saw a sketch of a beautiful woman... that made her heart skip a beat.

EPISODE No. 17 | Dec. 5, 2000, Tuesday Yna could not sleep and went back to the stockroom to look at the sketch. When suddenly, Angelo caught her. Yna lied to Angelo that she was just thinking of putting up decors for Christmas. Angelo offered to help. They carried the boxes from the stockroom, but then the rain poured. Angelo pulled Yna for shelter and she nearly slipped. Angelo held her in his arms and their eyes locked. Love could be felt in the air. When Yna relaized what has just happened, she ran.

Mrs. Capito gave Turing her husband's blue book where he kept all the names of the people who mistreated him. Julieta was intrigued. So while Turing was sleeping, she got the booklet and snuck out of the house.

Mrs. Chua ordered a search for Lourdes and Diego. Diego has not even found a job. Lourdes convinced Diego to forget the past and return to Puntaverde. But Diego still holds on to his pride.

Nanay Belen had to go to the field and no one would be left to take care of Tata Isko. So Nanay Belen had to tie up Tata Isko's jand on a pole and leave his food where he could reach it. But when Tata Isko saw a big truck coming, he got excited and was let loose. Evening came and still, there was no sign of Tata Isko. So Flerida went to the Hacienda to get Yna. The maids tried to make her stay for Claudia might find out. But it was too late. Claudia heard the commotion and caugh Yna right on time.

EPISODE No. 18 | Dec. 6, 2000, Wednesday Claudia noticed that Eduardo and Angelo are giving extra favor to Yna. Angelo even defended Yna in front of the maids when Claudia was treating her cruelly. Yna worried too much of Tata Isko's whereabouts and got sick. Angelo ordered her to stay in bed and he called the police to search for Tata Isko. But unfortunately, they still did not find any clues. They did not have any idea that Tata Isko fell into a deep ravine.

Julieta asked help from Governor Eduardo for the second time but the Governor threw her out. Instead, Julieta went to the Hacienda and sought Claudia. She said that she has all the evidence that could ruin the Governor's reputation inside the blue book in her hand, if she did not release Caloy. She also demanded for one million pesos. Claudia heard Julieta's demands and pretended to be scared.

Jonathan still does not have any idea that Lia is a Buenavista. Jonathan mentioned to her that the Buenavistas have everything, but it would be best if they give a part of their riches to the needy. Lia's friends convinced her to tell Jonathan her true identity, but Lia did not want to.

EPISODE No. 19 | Dec. 7, 2000, Thursday Julieta gave the blue book to Benjie Gatmaytan, a journalist who is eager to get information about the gambling and salvaging of people in Puntaverde. She told Benjie that if anything happened to her or to Caloy, it would all be Governor Eduardo's doing. Claudia's people kidnapped Julieta. And when she was brought to Claudia in the woods to get the blue book in exchange of the money Julieta was asking for, Julieta could not hand her anything. Out of rage, Claudia stabbed Julieta in the eye. Right at that moment, Tata Isko saw everything that happened in the woods. Traumatized and afraid of what he saw, he scampered away from the scene and created a lot of noise. The men searched for him. Tata Isko climbed a tree and hid. Until the townsmen saw him and brought him home. However, Julieta was shot and claimed to be dead.

Mark heard that Benjie would have an expose in the newspapers the very next day. Eduardo wanted to know what it was all about, but the editor kept it confidential.

Tata Isko is not in his usual self. He is aloof with Nanay Belen and Flerida. When Yna went back home to visit Tata Isko, he did not know who Yna was.

EPISODE No. 20 | Dec. 8, 2000, Friday Tata Isko is traumatized and kept on repeating the story of what he saw - that Julieta was stabbed in the eye by a ghost. Nanay Belen, Flerida, Yna and Angelo took it as a story created by Tata Isko's imagination. And because of this, Angelo brought the old man to a doctor for check-up.

Benjie wanted to speak with Turing to get more information. But Turing was paranoid and scared, so he escaped. When Claudia's people came for him, Turing was nowhere to be found.

Eduardo could not wait until morning to get a hold of the newspaper. When he finally did, the headline said, "GOV. EDUARDO BUENAVISTA, Puntaverde's Gambling Lord." He immediately called for a press conference to defend himself, but Claudia created a scene and brought embarrassment to Eduardo. During the event, Mrs. Capito barged inside and hysterically said that the Buenavistas killed her husband.

Back at the Hacienda, Angelo and Lia saw everything that happened in the press conference. They were both embarrassed and hurt. When Eduardo and Claudia returned home, Lia still showed affection to his father. Claudia talked to Angelo and said sorry, but Angelo found it difficult to accept it.

EPISODE No. 21 | Dec. 11, 2000, Monday Tata Isko still did not want to go near Yna. After running around the field with Flerida, Tata Isko got wanted to rest and asked Flerida to sing for him. When she did, Tata Isko realized that it was not the voice he was familiar of. Then Yna started to sing. When Tata Isko heard Yna's voice, he went to Yna and laid down on her lap. Mang Uro told Angelo that his father is not as bad as what he thinks.

Mang Uro said that Angelo does not know the whole story of what is happening around and he felt that Angelo needed to know the truth. So Mang Uro told the young Buenavista that his mother is Puntaverde's gambling lord.

Benjie convinced Minerva Capito to speak-up about everything she knew about the Buenavistas so they could have stronger evidence against them. But Minerva said that she has decided to stay away from Puntaverde for a while to get ready for the day she would face Claudia. Minerva also told Benjie that the Governor is not the enemy, but his wife... and the real gambling lord.

Claudia and Lia went to church together. Lia saw Jonathan and she immediately ran out of the church, fearing that Jonathan might not talk to him if he found out that she is a Buenavista. Jonathan and Lia were having a chat outside the church when Claudia saw them. In the car, Lia nervously explained to her mother that Jonathan is just a friend. Claudia reminded her that she must only make friends from people of high-class. Lia was not aware that Jonathan saw her ride the vehicle with Claudia.

The Vice-Governor of Puntaverde, together with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan had a meeting and decided that they would file a resolution calling for the Governor's suspension while the investigation is going on.

Angelo confronted his father if Claudia is really Puntaverde's gambling Lord.

EPISODE No. 22 | Dec. 12, 2000, Tuesday Angelo demanded an answer from his father if Claudia was really Puntaverde's gambling lord. Eduardo could not answer until the two ended up in a heated encounter. Angelo lost control of himself so Eduardo hit him. The young Buenavista released his anger by destroying the Christmas decoration in the house that brought commotion then rushed out to the garden. Yna followed him and gave comforting words and a shoulder to cry on.

Lia asked her brother if he has a problem. Angelo did not want to give any worries to her so he said that he was okay. Lia got offended and felt that she has no importance to the family for they always disregard her in everything.

Nana Pacita gave Yna a word to stop following Angelo and keeping her hopes up that their senorito would love her. Nana Pacita said that people like them do not have a space in the rich's hearts.

Claudia asked Madam Coring if Angelo despised her. The fortuneteller said not to worry because everything is under control. But then, Madam Coring saw an unfortunate event that would happen to the Buenavistas... Eduardo would be ousted from his position as Governor of Puntaverde!

Angelo brought Yna to his hideaway where he sits beside the quiet stream whenever he wants to have peace of mind and to unwind. By nature's force, their eyes met. Angelo told her how beautiful she was.

EPISODE No. 23 | Dec. 13, 2000, Wednesday Angelo tried to kiss Yna but she hesitated. Yna said that everything is still unclear and she is scared where it would lead to. Angelo got disappointed. Since then, Angelo treated Yna coldly.

Jonathan went to the mansion and waited for Lia. When Lia was about to leave the gate aboarding the car, she saw Jonathan. Lia got out and called after him, but Jonathan was too hurt to look back. Lia's friends advised her that if Jonathan's intention for her was clean, he would understand and accept everything. Meanwhile, Jonathan went home and told his caring mother that he was not feeling well.

Angelo packed his things and decided to stay at his Uncle Diego's for a while. A passer by said that Diego and Lourdes have already transferred to another place. So Angelo ended up drinking with his friends. The next day, Angelo went back home together with his friends. Angelo's naughty buddies noticed Yna and got attracted to her. They made rude and sleezy remarks at her. Yna could not stand them anymore and rushed inside the kitchen. Angelo followed her and apologized. He knew that she was really hurt and his heart was crushed.

EPISODE No. 24 | Dec. 14, 2000, Thursday Yna has already accepted the fact that a poor girl like her does not have a place in a rich man's heart. She started to distance herself from Angelo.

David visited Yna at the Hacienda. Angelo approached them and had small talk with David. When Yna got back inside, Angelo asked her if David was her boyfriend.

Lia apologized to Jonathan for hiding from him the truth about who she really is. Jonathan was still hurt and ignored Lia. Back home, Jonathan told his mother that he likes a girl... a very rich girl.

Angelo told Eduardo that Diego and Lourdes have transferred homes because the people they owe money from are running after them. Angelo asked his father if he had plans to help them. But Eduardo said that if Diego needed help, he should be the one to ask for it.

Lourdes and Diego are really down the drain. Even if it was against Lourdes will, she gave service to customers. But unfortunately, she ended up with a Japanese man who hit her when he found out that Lourdes lied about her age. Despite the bruises, she still kept this to Diego.

Caloy was granted with a public lawyer to fix his case. When he was about to be brought to court for trial, he pushed the policemen holding him and grabbed a gun. He took the lawyer as a hostage and rode in his car. Caloy escaped. Claudia panicked when she found out about the escape, fearing that Caloy could tell on her illegal operations. She got even angrier when her men said Julieta is still alive.

Colonel Makatubo had a confrontation with Eduardo and Claudia for he wanted to do an investigation on the Buenavistas assets.

EPISODE No. 25 | Dec. 15, 2000, Friday Caloy went straight to Nanay Belen and hid there and warned them not to tell anyone. One morning, on Yna's way to the market, Caloy tried to kidnap her but she managed to get away. Yna told Eduardo that it was Caloy who tried to get her. So Eduardo went to Nanay Belen and asked if she knew Caloy's whereabouts. But Nanay Belen denied.

The Council wanted Eduardo to temporarily step down from his position. The town is suffering and foreign investors backed-out because of the crisis. The people even rallied against the Governor.

David is confused if he would pursue his career as a seaman because of his feelings for Yna. He went back to the Buenavista mansion to talk to Yna. Angelo eavesdropped and heard everything that David said. He was so jealous that he crumpled the Superman sketch Yna gave her.

Jonathan and the children went to the mansion to sing Christmas carols. When Lia went out, Jonathan approached her and apologized. Since then, Lia started to be a part of the outreach program as a teacher.

Episodes 26-471 <a rel="nofollow" href=''>todo</a>

EPISODE No. 472, September 10, 2002, Tuesday Lia still does not want to tell the rest of her family about her illness despite Jonathan's urgings because she does not want to be piteous in their eyes.

Yna and Belen worry about Cookie. She recalls being separated from him when they were kidnapped. Electrika was part of the game but Yna could feel someone more influential was part of it, too, because the foreigners who kidnapped her were getting orders from a certain person over the phone. However, Cookie is already safe. Thanks to Aling Onyang and her husband's caring hands. Cookie hears Amor's Love Youth Foundation is visiting Onyang's barrio. He wants to talk to see Amor right away.

Claudia could not kill her father yet as much as she wants to because she wants to know the secret he holds.

Eduardo wants to spend time merrymaking with his family Yna, Angelo, Lia and Jonathan. Yna brings Amor along. They have so much fun. It just saddens Amor that she and her family do not go home together and live under one roof. Eduardo agrees mutually. When their eyes met all they could feel is passion but Eduardo cuts it off at once. Eduardo has flowers for Edelweiss when he gets home. When he sees his wife, he suddenly becomes confused with his feelings. The next day, Edelweiss receives a bad news from her right hand in London about her companies' instability. She decides to go there for at least a month to fix the trouble. Edelweiss is surprised when Eduardo offers to accompany her.

Diego wants to have a word with Pablo but the man avoids him.

Simon keeps his word to help Claudia in every way. After they clean her name, he wants to bring Claudia to Zurich to start a new life. He promises to try his best to bring along Angelo with them.

Puring calls up Amor and asks her to come over. She hands Amor the picture Pacifico gave her. Pacifico begged Puring to look for his grandchild. Now Puring is passing on the responsibility to Amor.

EPISODE No. 473 | September 11, 2002, Wednesday Puring shows Amor the picture. It is a picture of a family - a father, a mother and a child. Puring assumes one of the parents could be Pacifico's child and the youngster is his grandchild. Amor asks Rufo to do some investigation.

When Errol brings Yna home after their date, he kissed her. Errol is afraid Yna might get think he is too forward but to his surprise it is just fine with Yna. Errol goes home a happy man and shares all about the wonderful date to Angelo and Kit. As usual Angelo pretends to be okay. On the other hand, Kit helps in his little way by pairing up Angelo with other girls.

Chammy has decided to continue her studies in London not that she does not want to be with Edelweiss and Eduardo but because she is more comfortable there. Edelweiss tells Eduardo that she and Chammy would leave together. Eduardo wants to come along. Then Edelweiss breaks the news that she wants to stay in London for good. Eduardo does not know if he could live with that idea.

Claudia scolds the maidservant for giving her a phone call she does not want to take. It is a call from the syndicate she hires to do her illicit works. Simon hears the commotion. He orders the maidservant from that day on all of Claudia's calls should pass him first. Simon is still suspicious. He asks Claudia if there are still more falsehoods that she has not admitted to him.

Amor and Yna bake Eduardo's favorite cake because the three of them would have dinner together. Suddenly Amor receives a call from Eduardo that he could not make it to her place anymore because he promised his family he would have dinner with them. Amor understands, though it saddens her. Yna notices this. Amor explains that everyone must learn to accept the imperfections of life in order to be happy and contented.

The Love Youth Foundation visits Onyang's barrio once again. Cookie is more than thankful when he gets the chance to see Amor. Amor feels the same, too. She is relieved to find Cookie alive. Then Cookie makes a big revelation to Amor - that Electrika and Claudia are the ones behind Yna's kidnapping.

EPISODE No. 474 | September 12, 2002, Thursday Puring shows Amor the picture. It is a picture of a family - a father, a mother and a child. Puring assumes one of the parents could be Pacifico's child and the youngster is his grandchild. Amor asks Rufo to do some investigation.

Amor makes quick action the moment Cookie revealed that Claudia is the mastermind of Yna's kidnapping. The case is brought to court at once. Eduardo, Amor, Angelo, Yna and Cookie are on one side while Claudia and Simon are on the other. Claudia denies the accusation. She reasons that she should not have rescued Yna in the first place if she were part of the conspiracy. No one belives her. Amor and Yna put the pieces together and recalls how everything that happened the evening Claudia rescued Yna fell into place. Angelo clearly concludes Claudia set everything up.

According to Claudia's lawyer, there is not enough reason for Claudia to be put behind bars. Aside from Cookie another witness must appear in order for this to happen.

Yna is about to leave for her trip around Asia.

Simon feels stupid for still loving Claudia despite the fact everyone is already throwing reality in his face. All he wants now is life anew for him and Claudia together in Zurich and he also wants Angelo to know he is his father. Claudia does not seem thrilled with the idea. Simon is hurt and confused why Claudia does not want Angelo to know the truth. Her only reason is that she does not want Angelo to end up with Yna because that would surely happen if Angelo found out Yna is not his sister. He calls Claudia selfish and self-centered because she does not want to grant him nor her son the happiness they deserve.

Simon could not wait any longer. He visits Angelo and confesses the whole truth.

EPISODE No. 475 | September 13, 2002, Friday Simon finally admits that he is Angelo's father. He explains that Claudia was already pregnant when she married Eduardo. Angelo remembers asking Simon if he were his father and Simon denied it. Simon reasons that it was Claudia who told him it was not the right time yet. Angelo is confused. He wants to have a word with Eduardo first. Eduardo freaks out when he finds out Claudia made a fool out of him. It dawns on him why Claudia gave birth to Angelo when they were only seven months married and she reasoned Angelo was a premature baby. Eduardo confronts Claudia. At first Claudia denies it. But Simon warns her that he would leave her if she did not tell the truth. Finally Claudia confesses. Eduardo despises her. He apologizes to Angelo for causing such confusion in his life. Angelo understands and assures his father he has not done anything wrong at all. In fact, Angelo is very thankful and proud he grew up in Eduardo's hands. Angelo has nothing against Simon either. He both accepts Eduardo and Simon. The revelation brings joy to Angelo. He is so happy to tell Yna the good news that they are not siblings.

Yna is all packed up for her trip. Amor wants to bring Yna to the airport but Yna says Angelo promised to take her. So they both wait for Angelo. Time has passed and Angelo has not showed up so they decide to leave without him. While in the waiting area, Yna keeps looking around hoping Angelo would show up. When her flight is called she has already lost hope in seeing Angelo.

Amor is on her way home when she receives a call from Angelo. Angelo wants her to stop the plane but Amor says Yna could have left already. Since Amor owns the airlines, Angelo begs her to do something so he could talk to Yna. Amor is puzzled but she complies. She calls up Eduardo and asks what Angelo is up to.

An attendant stops Yna in her tracks and tells her to go in the grounds. On the other hand, Angelo finds it very difficult to enter the private premises of the airport. A lot of time has already passed and he has lost hope seeing Yna. He sits in the corridor with a heavy heart. Suddenly his heart leaps when he hears Yna's voice. Angelo excitedly reveals to her the good news.

EPISODE No. 476 | September 16, 2002, Monday Yna could not believe what Angelo has just said. They embrace each other real tight. Yna has already decided not to push through with her trip because she and Angelo have a lot of things to catch up on. Errol is happy for them but he still hurts that the woman he loves would never be his. Angelo and Yna share the news to Belen and Flerida who are too happy to speak.

Claudia is so disheartened that Angelo despises her more. On the other hand, Angelo welcomes Simon whole-heartedly as his father.

Based on Rufo's investigation, the couple in the picture was Teodoro Potenciano and Corazon Magbanua and they are not relatives of the Zalamedas. They died during the Talimpaw tragedy.

Eduardo already talks to his trusted aid who will take care of TMC while he and Edelweiss are in London. He wants everything to go smoothly before they leave the country.

Eduardo and Edelweiss prepare a going-away party together with their children. They have so much fun. Meanwhile Amor arrives to pick up Lia for church. They ask Amor to stay with them for a while. When Eduardo and Amor are together, Edelweiss could strongly feel how they suppress their love for each other. She finally makes a decision to let go of Eduardo because she loves him and wants him to be happy.

Lourdes begs Pablo to tell her why he is so angry with Diego. Pablo continues to avoid her.

Amor releases her hurts to Betty Mae that she would never see Eduardo again.

Eduardo is all ready to leave with Edelweiss and Chammy but he sees his things still unpacked. Edelweiss tells him that he is not coming with them.

Angelo brings Lia to the vacant lot where they buried the engagement ring Angelo gave her before. They now renew their love for each other.

EPISODE No. 477 | September 17, 2002, Tuesday Eduardo insists to Edelweiss how he whole-heartedly wants to come along and live with her and Chammy in London. Edelweiss says no. She knows he really belongs to Amor and she could feel that he loves Amor so much. She is letting go of Eduardo because she loves him so much and wants him to be happy. Eduardo could not thank Edelweiss enough. He rushes to Amor and tells her the good news. Edelweiss has already filed their annulment even before she left for London. Angelo and Yna are happy for Eduardo and Amor. They excitedly announce they are planning to get married as soon as possible.

Angelo informs Claudia and Simon about the wedding. Claudia is very much against it. Angelo does not care. Claudia loses control and slaps him. Simon tells Claudia to let Angelo be happy. Claudia swears she would never allow for the wedding to take place. On the other hand Eduardo calls for a meeting with Amor, Simon and Belen regarding Angelo and Yna. Simon suggests paying for all the expenses since he is Angelo's father. Yna just wants to have a small and private ceremony. Angelo and Yna are in high spirits. They even see the vacant lot Angelo is planning to buy where they would put up their dream house and raise a family.

It is Lia and Jonathan's first month anniversary and they celebrate it by eating dinner outside. Everything turns out perfectly except when Jonathan sees blood coming out of Lia's nose. He brings her immediately to the hospital and there she faints. Jonathan calls up Angelo and Yna. He is so scared for he trongly feels he is slowly losing Lia. When Lia regains consciousness, Yna tells her to be strong because she would be the bridesmaid on their wedding. Yna cries to Amor how she still wants to spend more time with her sister.

Rufo has new findings. The child in the picture is not a child of the Potencianos.

Pablo drops by to see Lourdes and hands her a letter. In it is Pablo's testimony why he abhors Diego. It turns out that before he married his late wife Thelma, Diego was her boyfriend. Diego broke her heart and led her to do something she regret for the rest of her life - and that is selling their lovechild. Pablo came into Thelma's life when she badly needed somebody.

Angelo keeps dreaming about a scene where Claudia is holding a little boy and a couple is trying to get the boy from her. He knows he is the boy Claudia is carrying. He dreams of this over and over again.

Angelo has decided to tell Eduardo about Lia's illness. Eduardo is devastated. He tells Claudia about it, too, before it is too late. Claudia visits Lia and apologizes for everything. She wants Lia to live with her again. Lia would only do that if Jonathan comes along with her. Everyone blames Claudia for what happened to Lia. They say Lia is paying for all of Claudia's sins.

Pacifico Zalameda is going crazy so the nurses call up Simon. Pacifico wants his grandchild.

Lourdes tells Diego all about Pablo. He does not know about his son with Thelma. He charges toward Pablo and demands to know all about the child. Pablo writes it down on a paper that Angelo Buenavista is his son.

EPISODE No. 478 todo

EPISODE No. 479 | September 19, 2002, Thursday

Claudia could not believe Maria Amor is her daughter, Clarissa. She recalls how she maltreated Maria Amor. She nearly loses her mind thinking she killed her very own daughter. Claudia rushes to Maria Amor's grave buried in Amor's house. She screams and wails as she forgiveness from Maria Amor. When Claudia gets home, Simon asks where she went. Claudia gathers all her guts to confess to Simon that she killed their daughter. Simon is aghast. He hits Claudia out of anger and weeps.

Amor and General have a private conversation. Amor wants to have Electrika treated in America. General asks if she would still want to continue doing business with him.

Now that the illegal aliens are arrested, it is slowly coming out of the light that Claudia is the mastermind behind Yna's kidnapping.

Diego is so happy to know Angelo is his son. For years all he wanted is to have a child. Even Angelo feels light because he has always been close to Diego. Angelo asks Diego how his mother Thelma was like.

Simon has finally decided to leave Claudia. He has had enough. All these years he has been blinded by his love for Claudia but now he realizes his love is not enough for him to be able to stay with her any longer after all she did. Before Simon could leave the house, Claudia grabs a bottle and smashes it on Simon's head. Simon loses consciousness. When he awakens he is already tied up. Claudia swears to do everything to stop Angelo and Yna's wedding. She still could not accept the fact Angelo is not her son.

There is a celebration on the eve of Angelo and Yna's wedding. Their loved ones give wishes for the couple. Simon is not yet around so Angelo gives him a call. Claudia answers it and says not to expect Simon at the party. Claudia also fires all her maidservants out of the house so as not to suspect anything.

The day of the wedding has come. Claudia, Coring and Maximus, all armed, head for the church. As soon as they left, the police arrive at Claudia's place to arrest her. The house is empty so they decide to leave. Simon makes a noise in the room so the police find him. He reports about Claudia's plan to ruin the wedding.

At the end of the ceremony Claudia appears with a gun pointing at Angelo. Some people try to stop her but Coring and Maximus back her up ready to shoot.

EPISODE No. 480 Claudia attempts to shoot those who try to get the pistol from her. It pains her how Angelo despises thinking she devoted all her life for him. She also could not accept Angelo still chose Yna over her. Angelo explains she only loves him because he she thought he is Simon's son. He compares how Claudia treated him better than Lia. Lia declares how she understands everything and that she still loves Claudia despite her favoritism. Claudia also abhors Amor for taking away all her riches and power. Eduardo defends Amor. He says he is guilty for accepting the marriage his mother and Mayor Zalameda set up even if there is no love for Claudia at all. He tried to be a good father to Angelo and Lia but admits he never was a good husband to Claudia. Yna asks why Claudia hates her so much. Claudia admits how she hates "muchachas" like her because they remind her of her roots. Yna defends her individuality by saying she learned all the realities and values in life by being a humble servant. Yna knows here is a good left in Claudia because of how the woman showed her love for Angelo. She believes Claudia would be free from all the miseries and hate in her heart if she would only learn to forgive and accept that money and power are not the only hings that would make her happy. Claudia's heart slowly melts. She realizes what they just said are true. She kneels down and asks forgiveness sincerely. She looks toward the altar and apologizes to God and to Maria Amor. Claudia could see Maria Amor's apparition looking down at her with a smile. Suddenly the police arrive and handcuff Claudia. During the court hearing, Claudia pleads guilty of Yna's kidnapping and even the cases the peasants filed against her. She is given the verdict of life sentence. Claudia knows she deserves the punishment. Before they lock her up, Claudia apologizes to Amor and Yna again. Amor hands her Maria Amor's ashes. Yna and Angelo have set up Eduardo and Amor for a dinner date. There, duardo opens up his heart once again. His marriage annulment with Edelweiss would soon be granted and he asks Amor to marry him. On the other hand, Amor has decided to live a simple life. She divides all her wealth to her loved ones, to Betty Mae (who is now the CEO of the Powers Group of Companies), her secretary Debra, her loyal aid Rufo, her bestfriend Lourdes, Belen, Pacita and Doray, Puring Lorenzo and Fatima and the rest goes to her daugher Yna. Amor just want to handle her charitable institutions. Yna also does the same thing. She says goodbye to the limelight and chooses to concentrate on what she loves most, painting and drawing. Her last episode on the show is a tribute to Amor Powers. All the people she has helped testify about her kindness and pure heart. After five years a lot has changed for the better. Benjie's book about the Buenavistas is finally launched. Belen put up a simple sari-sari store. Flerida and Kit have graduated from college. Puring still dreams of a happy Maria Amor. Errol is still a media reporter. Diego wins the Puntaverde gubernatorial elections and the people love him. Lia already passed away and left Jonathan with little Lia who is now five years old. Jonathan and little Lia always visit Claudia in the correctional. Betty Mae manages to have space for both work and romance. Amor and Eduardo live a simple life happily in a secluded place and Eduardo always paints her. Yna puts up her very own art exhibit and her marriage with Angelo gets stronger day by day. True love still prevails. Simon comes back to Claudia and are wed in the penitentiary. And as for the General, he is already decided to leave the country and Galaxy Powers because he claims Galaxy Powers has never been the same since Amor left. General's trusted companion asks General why he is so fond of Amor. All General could say is he owed Amor's mother a lot.

Comments of the Stars to the serie's Farewell At last, the chains will now all be broken as Pangako Sa'Yo heads off to its final episode. The keys to the mysteries the story possesses will now vanquish the tightness that's been binding us all. But this does not end there, for our favorite bunch of artists gather around and share their thoughts on the things they are going to miss, on how fulfilling was this whole experience for them, on the lessons they've learned, on the friendships they've built, and on how PSY make their and our dreams come true.


"Since high school, 'pag may nagpapa-authograph, ang nilalagay ko always, "love power". So parang meant to be. This is more than what I expected. Hindi ako makakahanap ng words to best describe the feeling, basta lahat ng positive na emotion."

"I will miss of course the cast and crew, since we're together for almost two years, but the feeling is like we've been together for ten years. We are like a family here. I even asked for their addresses already so when I'm starting to miss them, I can visit them."

"PSY for me is friendship. It is also like a school since we've learned a lot here, the basics that we can learn in school, can also be taught here. PSY is honesty. As for me, this is the BEST thing that ever happened in my career. After PSY, sabi nila meron. But I don't expect kasi ayoko ma-disappoint although may naka-ready akong gagawin 'pag walang dumating."


"I'm going to miss a lot. First is the friendship that the whole cast have and the staff and the crew and the directors, everybody. And also the tapings like three times a week."

"This whole experience was very fulfilling. I met a lot of friends, and worked with new directors. My acting became wider. I am very fulfilled about the whole thing. PSY is really the BEST!"


"I will miss the samahan, ang bonding ng lahat ng mga artista, lahat ng staff, lahat ng directors, and 'yung pagiging pamilya namin dito. Naiintindihan ka nila kahit anong iarte mo, 'yung mga moods mo ngayon. Di ko alam kung makakasama ko ulit sila, the same staff and crew."

"Dito, mas nahasa akong umarte, pahalagahan ang trabaho ko at mahalin."


"Mami-miss ko 'yung call time. 'Yung ganito, lahat ng kulitan, kwentuhan, kantsawan, and bonding as a group nung family namin, ako, si Eduardo, si Lia, si Mama; kami nina Tin-tin, Amor. Professionally, 'yung story itself. Ma-mimiss ko yung wala na akong call time muna, wala kang ginagawa, walang pinaghahandaang costume requirements. "I learned to love my work, respect for others, value of viewership, and of course the people who are watching us."


"I will miss the closeness of the group, para kaming magkakapatid. Masarap gumawa ng soap 'pag lahat magkakasundo, wlaang awayan, walang tampuhan. Masaya sa tapings kahit pagod."

"Actually, this is my second time in doing soap operas. This is my training ground for acting. You also get to maintain your popularity sa mga tao, your visibility, and 'yung active ka pa rin. At the same time, napapakita mo 'yung acting mo sa mga tao, mostly drama. Kasi I'm doing action films then drama sa TV, so I can show my flexibility to the people."

"PSY is history. No.1 ang PSY sa lahat ng soaps. Never will the people forget PSY."


"I will miss my Miss Powers. The dressing up of Betty Mae, the words of wisdom of Betty Mae, the walang tigil na payo kay Mam Amor. And of course, the camaraderie, the love that we have established, deep rooted love at that. The beautiful directors who have been patient to each and everyone. The trials, the tears, the mistakes, the laughters, the faux pas, mga kapalpakan sa set, 'yung mga pagtitimping hindi masabi dahil sa sobrang pagmamahalan."

"I can never quantify the experience, the training, the reminders as Betty Mae. She has always reminded me of the woman in me, to take care of myself, to dress up, to look beautiful, to be always control in any trials, to be focused and grounded and to be able to know the right from wrong."


"Kasi para kaming isang pamilya na nagmamahalan. Parang silang sumusunod sa nanay nila, tuwang-tuwa ako. Napakaganda ng samahan sa mga crew, make-up artists, directors namin, lahat sila, wala akong masasabi. Sa totoo lang, walang etching."


"I will miss the staff. They can teach you some lessons. Pangako Sa'Yo is sobrang fulfilling!"


"Mamimiss ko yung drama scenes ko, kasi komedyante talaga ako. Hindi talaga ako dramatic actor. Kasi 'pag nagsho-show ako sa bars, puro patawa. Pero dito, never ako nagpatawa. Super serious ang role ko dito. Umiiyak palage. And of course, I will also miss the cast."

"Undescribable! Ang laki talaga ng naitulong sa career ko, exposure. Ang sarap ng feeling na makilala sa buong mundo as Cookie. This is really a dream come true for me."


"I will miss the bonding, kasi almost everyday kami nagkakasama, magkakatrabaho. But nothing is really permanent dito sa showbiz."

"I learned the value of discipline kasi all the actors here arrive on time so I also have to be on time."


"I'll miss the group, mga totoong tao. We don't work for the sake of money but for the love we have for one another. Parang family! Saya!"

"This is really a history to Philippine TV. This is the only soap that not only captured classes C and D but A and B as well. It's an honor na makasama ang lahat ng tao dito."


"I will miss the camaraderie between actors and staff. This is my family outside my real family. Lahat nagtratrabaho kahit pagod na. I learned to be more patient working late until the wee hours of the morning and to be more forgiving for the shortcomings of others."


"I'll miss the group, mga totoong tao. We don't work for the sake of money but for the love we have for one another. Parang family! Saya!"


"I learned to adjust and to be open-minded. Kasi kung sarado kang artista, and iniisip mo lang ang sarili mo, eh hindi magiging maganda 'yung kalalabasan nyo. Nagpapasalamat ako kay Direk Rory for giving me the role."


"The best word to describe this would be touching; that's in front and behind the camera. Our camaraderie on and off the camera."

"I can't even express. Very fulfilling because you're working with good people, not just great artists but good people. I'm really grateful for having this opportunity. I am really gonna miss the people. I'm just thinking about it, nakakaiyak. And of course, the friendships that we've built."


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