Eurythmics 'Who's That Girl?' dir. Duncan Gibbins 1983

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Annakin - Behind the Curtain Directed by Christian Ammann

videos.antville.org - Fri Oct 13 16:35:12 2017

Annakin's new single is available now on iTunes worldwide. For more infos please visit www.annakin.net

Jessie Ware 'Alone' by Charlie Robins

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Fri Oct 13 14:04:56 2017
Jessie Ware 'Alone' by Charlie Robins
Charlie Robins' heartfelt new music video for Jessie Ware – a long time pal of his from South London – focuses on an emotional performance from a stunning Jessie in the beautiful Art Deco surroundings of Eltham Palace.This was shot on 35mm, by Ben Fordesman, and looks gorgeous.


First Aid Kit 'It's A Shame' by Mats Udd

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Fri Oct 13 12:15:47 2017
First Aid Kit 'It's A Shame' by Mats Udd
After making three videos, shooting live gigs and a documentary, it's been six years since Mats Udd last worked with First Aid Kit. Now he's marked their reunion with a real gem.In side-by-side, stereoscopic vision, the Söderberg sisters take the same trip, walk the same streets, meet the same busking band, go bowling. But their experiences are very different: Johanna has a magical time; Klara has a total stinker. All the time, they are both singing the track It's A Shame, in their unmistakeable harmonic style. W, where the Swedish folk-pop duo's video was premiered, reports that it was inspired by the movie Sliding Doors. And old video-heads may be drawn to remember the Gondry classic for Cibo Matto. But the fact that we're not looking at two identical Gwyneth types arguably adds a bit of controversy here. Johanna is the 'pretty' sister, and she gets to glide through snowflakes; Klara does not have the same conventionally attractive looks, and she gets drenched. Would it work just as well if it was the other way around? Perhaps it's an idea that you could only do if you know your subjects very well, as Mats Udd does.


Elderbrook 'Good Times' by 41Blackford

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Fri Oct 13 10:00:02 2017
Elderbrook 'Good Times' by 41Blackford
41Blackford - recently signed to Iron Age Pictures – makes his directing debut with this absorbing dance piece for Elderbrook."In this video we depicted the evolution of a relationship," says the director. "From infatuation, tenderness, separation and finally reconciliation through the medium of dance."Shot in an industrial space, the shifting moods of the two dancers are delivered through the choreography, and also photography, which switches between bold colour to smoky monochrome. 


Mystery Skulls "Erase Me" (Dir. Matt Mahurin)

videos.antville.org - Thu Oct 12 21:34:22 2017

Roadcase Royale - Cover Each Other

videos.antville.org - Thu Oct 12 21:31:14 2017

The official music video for Roadcase Royale's "Cover Each Other" - the new single from their debut album 'First Thing First'!

Buy 'First Things First' on: iTunes: itunes.apple.com... PledgeMusic: pledgemusic.com... Amazon: a.co

Follow Roadcase Royale: roadcaseroyale.com facebook.com twitter.com instagram.com

Dynamos - Shake, Rattle and Roll

videos.antville.org - Thu Oct 12 20:12:49 2017

Official video for "Shake, Rattle and Roll" by Dynamos! Single available on October 13th

Website: dynamosmusic.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/dynamosmusic Instagram: www.instagram.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/dynamosmusic SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com

Last Second Chance 'You Are The One' by Nicholas Lam

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Thu Oct 12 19:11:04 2017
Last Second Chance 'You Are The One' by Nicholas Lam
Nicholas Lam doesn't only bring the song to the screen, he also pretty much encapsulates the name of the band in this drama for Last Second Chance which ultimately has the viewer on the edge of their seat.It's a sometimes-harrowing study of destructive relationships, with two stories running concurrently. It soon becomes clear that one is the forerunner of the other, and that has big ramifications for what happens in the gripping final act of this video.It's all glued together with frontman AxiA's passionate performance of You Are The One. Then, when it comes down to the wire, it becomes about a woman's dilemma. Then Nicholas Lam delivers his biggest punch.


Django Django 'Tic Tac Toe' by John Maclean

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Thu Oct 12 13:14:22 2017
Django Django 'Tic Tac Toe' by John Maclean
Django Django are back, with Tic Tac Toe, and a new video by regular collaborator John Maclean - borther of the bands's drummer and producer David.In it, Vincent Neff leaves the band's caravan to have a cool, speeded-up English seaside adventure (it was shot in Hastings): a quick successful pool game, fish & chips, a trippy trip on the Ghost Train.Some of the team involved in Maclean's first feature Slow West were involved in making this - including DoP Robbie Ryan who shot the video on 16mm, sped up in-camera. The result is classic Django Django, employing lo-fi VFX tricky, consistently entertaining and unpretentious."The film could be about the fading era of the beach arcades, time moving too fast, love and games, horror and happiness," says John Maclean. "But it is actually about a man who needs to go buy a pint of milk to make a cup of tea."


Dave 'Question Time' by Nathan James Tettey

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Thu Oct 12 12:30:59 2017
Dave 'Question Time' by Nathan James Tettey
Dave has a few questions for the new Prime Minister, and the old one, and the Leader of the Opposition, and it's riveting stuff.It's a terrific performance by Dave, a smart, sharp, angry and compassionate voice commanding a darkened studio. It's also and impressive directing debut by Nathan James Tettey, employing all his experience of making videos as a producer and commissioner for the first time from the director's chair, so the viewer's focus on this young hiphop artist and his Question Time session never wavers.


Crystal Fighters 'Yellow Sun' by Rob Brandon

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Thu Oct 12 10:30:38 2017
Crystal Fighters 'Yellow Sun' by Rob Brandon
Crystal Fighters perform while lying on their backs in flatbed trucks that are speeding down a freeway, in Rob Brandon's video for Yellow Sun.It's a development of something he's done before, when part of directing duo Rob & Rob, and this is just as effective.“The song is really colourful and over the top, so I wanted the video to reflect that," he says. "I shot on a 8K digital camera and then did loads of fuckery in post-production. We went full Peter Jackson’s  Hobbit on it.”


HAIM 'Little Of Your Love' by Paul Thomas Anderson

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Wed Oct 11 20:49:17 2017
HAIM 'Little Of Your Love' by Paul Thomas Anderson
After their walk in Santa Monica for I Want You Back, HAIM walk into Oil Can Harry's in Studio City, for a spot of line dancing.This follows neatly on from Jake Schreier's video, and there's no question this requires more dancing skills from Este, Danielle and Alana than I Want You Back. But the most important thing in Paul Thomas Anderson's unpretentiously fun music video, here is the evident pleasure being had. It develops into a natural thing where something real happens during the making of the video. 


JP Cooper 'Good Friend' and 'She's On My Mind' by Shaun James Grant

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Wed Oct 11 18:18:58 2017
JP Cooper 'Good Friend' and 'She's On My Mind' by Shaun James Grant
Shaun James Grant's latest live video project is this double live performance for JP Copoper's Vevo Lift UK campaign, shot on location in Manchester - where JP was born and raised.Both Performances weere shot in one day at two different locations, and both peformances were shot completely live, using hidden microphones around each space.


U2 'You're The Best Thing About Me' by Tatia Pilieva

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Wed Oct 11 16:00:10 2017
U2 'You're The Best Thing About Me' by Tatia Pilieva
Following internet-breaking films like 'First Kiss', which alone amassed over 156.6 million views, Tatia Pilieva returns with another emotionally-charged film experience, for U2.Pilieva's visual accompaniment for 'You're the Best Thing About Me' - from U2's Songs Of Experience album – is a short film that follows four real life couples 24 hours before they are indefinitely separated: newlyweds in the military, High School sweethearts in California, a Syrian refugee family in Greece, and a young couple in Mexico City.  The stories from around the world explore separation to highlight a universal theme: "in the moments we say goodbye, we truly feel how profound love is."


6 Gang I Got A Plug

videos.antville.org - Wed Oct 11 02:54:35 2017

6Gang Grilla x Hawg x Rome Gotti i Got A Plug Official Video

Whitney Winston - El Espejo (ft. Dominicanye West)

videos.antville.org - Tue Oct 10 16:34:50 2017

VIDEO Directed and Edited by: Tino Raimondi. Camera: Manu Pico Estrada. Choreography: Niki Andreasen y Sofia Seta. Dancers: D&M Agencia – Niki Andreasen, Sofia Seta, Paz Cabrera y Virginia Sin. Recorded in Tokyo and Buenos Aires, during 2016 and 2017.


Composed, recorded and produced by Ezequiel de la Parra, aka Whitney Winston. Vocals by César Pineda, aka Dominicanye West (when he’s part of the Dominican group Whitest Taino Alive) and Capigo, when he makes music on his own.

Mixed by Santiago De Simone at 7AM Mixing.

This is the first single of my upcoming album ‘El Mundo Está Mío’, which is going to be released next October 18th.


  1. Preludio de un Cuento
  2. Contame un Cuento (ft. Sobrenadar)
  3. El Espejo (ft. Dominicanye West)
  4. Todo Cambia, Yo También (ft. Algodón Egipcio)
  5. Muy Solo Acá
  6. Conozco El Camino
  7. El Mundo Está Mío

Listen to the single here: www.rocktails.tv

Official website: www.whitneywinston.com


Mareaboba - Sueños Lucidos

videos.antville.org - Mon Oct 9 23:58:38 2017

Mareaboba - Sueños Lucidos track included in the compilation "La Danza del Agua" (Pakapi Records & Was ist Das? 2017)


video: Paula Montenegro anapaulamontenegro.tumblr.com

Sexy Motivation - Directed by Logan Davies

videos.antville.org - Mon Oct 9 07:03:10 2017

Be Sexy.


HEALTH | life (Dir. lilfuchs)

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Kamaiyah Build You Up Damiën Sandoval

videos.antville.org - Sat Oct 7 19:29:36 2017

Sloan Peterson "105" by Pete Moore

videos.antville.org - Fri Oct 6 16:00:02 2017

INXS New Sensation Richard Lowenstein

videos.antville.org - Wed Oct 4 18:37:10 2017


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Don’t Think

videos.antville.org - Wed Oct 4 12:32:24 2017

it's friday

videos.antville.org - Wed Oct 4 12:30:21 2017

Dance and motion design

It's friday from Sébastien Desmedt on Vimeo.

Archil - Voodoo Dance. Directed by The Bardos, produced by Quad Productions

videos.antville.org - Tue Oct 3 14:35:59 2017

Catchy pop music video hidden within a satirical short film. vimeo.com

Souleye - Wildman (feat. Lynx)

videos.antville.org - Tue Oct 3 00:56:14 2017

Directed by: Dennys Ilic


videos.antville.org - Sat Sep 30 11:52:14 2017

GREAT SONG, SEXY FASHION PIX... www.youtube.com


videos.antville.org - Sat Sep 30 00:07:18 2017

AMAZING PAINTINGS of AMBER CASAUBON "Scream out loud" written and performed by MIKE MASONI www.youtube.com


videos.antville.org - Sat Sep 30 00:03:49 2017

beautiful, simple love song www.youtube.com

Arjan's Pop Diary: Episode 1 - Bebe Rexha

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Mon Jul 10 06:16:14 2017
Source: http://www.instagram.com/arjanwrites

2017 Short Film Academy Awards

Clipland Blog Index - Wed Mar 1 14:16:24 2017
Winners and nominees of the 89th Academy Awards 2017, short film categories: Best Live Action Short Film Sing – Kristóf Deák and Anna Udvardydouble-dagger - WINNER Ennemis intérieurs – Sélim Azzazi La Femme et le TGV – Timo von Gunten and Giacun Ca ... ..more

2016 short film Academy Awards

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Nominees of the 88th Academy Awards 2016, short film categories: Best Live Action Short Film Ave Maria – Eric Dupont and Basil Khalil Day One – Henry Hughes Everything Will Be Okay – Patrick Vollrath Shok – Jamie Donoughue Stutterer – Serena Armita ... ..more

After Twelve Years, I'm Taking An Indefinite Break...

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Fri Aug 1 01:32:00 2014
Wow. What a ride it has been. After twelve years of blogging and tipping all of you about exciting new pop music, the time has come to take an indefinite break and focus on exciting new projects. Following my stint...

Hot New Pop Alert: Iris "I'll Wait For You"

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Wed Jul 23 20:51:00 2014
Debut single “I’ll Wait for You” by pop newcomer Iris shines like a beacon of hope for all of those who are looking for a glimmer of light in the dark days of winter. The song discusses that if you...

Hot New Pop Alert: "Verite "Strange Enough"

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Tue Jul 1 21:00:00 2014
Hailing from New York City, newcomer Verite serves up an impressive pop sound that will capture you from start to finish. I first heard her demos a few weeks ago and was instantly blown away by her powerful and deeply...

Hot New Pop Alert: The Heydaze "City Girl"

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Tue Jun 10 21:06:00 2014
The Heydaze serve up a slice of summer sizzle and heaps of happy vibes with their potent new single “City Girl” The group is the teaming of Jesse Fink (vocals), Andrew Spelman (lead guitar) and Andrew Underberg (production and keys)...

[REPORT] Inside the Making of Afrojack's 'Forget The World' with Sting, Matthew Koma, Wrabel, Spree Wilson and D-wayne

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Mon May 19 06:44:57 2014
After producing smash hits for people like Ne-Yo, Pitbull, Beyonce, David Guetta and Chris Brown, double GRAMMY-winning DJ/producer Afrojack releases his highly-anticipated debut artist album Forget The World today. It's a moment that's been long in the making and represents...

Disclosure, Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes Discuss the Making of 'Latch' [VIDEO]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Wed May 14 20:32:06 2014
Good music wins and Disclosure's "Latch" is solid proof of that. After it was first released in October 2012 in the U.K., the song has slowly but surely gained momentum in America and it has turned the British duo into...

Hoodie Allen Premieres 'Show Me What You're Made Of' Video [First Look]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Thu May 8 21:42:47 2014
I have said this before and I will say it again: Hoodie Allen is a true role model for all aspiring artists out there. Without the power of a major label on his side, the rapper makes music, plays shows,...

Listen to Oliver Heldens feat. Becky Hill 'Gecko (Overdrive)' [Review]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Wed May 7 21:21:26 2014
Oliver Helden's bass-happy "Gecko" is without a doubt one of the finest house records released in 2013. In fact, alongside efforts by Disclosure, Duke Dumont and Clean Bandit, the track has helped to put deep house music back on the...

Pop Alert: Newcomer Allie X Talks about Inspirations Behind New Track 'Bitch'

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Wed May 7 00:15:21 2014
As long as there is pop, there is hope. And pop newcomer Allie X gives us plenty to believe in. Following the successful release of her synth-pop gems "Prime" and "Catch," the rapidly-rising Canadian singer now serves up the brand-new...

Sweden's Andreas Moe Turns Rivers Into Oceans on His New Single [Review]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Sun May 4 21:26:43 2014
Scandinavia continues to be an incredible rich breeding ground for fantastic new pop and dance music. Robyn's new single with the guys of Royksopp is a great example of that. To celebrate that much-anticipated new track I put together a...

Robyn and Röyksopp Deliver What We Hoped for on Glorious New 'Do It Again'

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Tue Apr 29 22:29:01 2014
The best thing about Robyn's new single with Röyksopp is that it delivers exactly what we had hoped for. Driven by a bouncy bassline and sparkly synth flourishes, "Do It Again" is an effervescent pop confection that's all about having...

Jennifer Lopez Previews New Album and Single at Malibu Brunch [FULL DETAILS]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Mon Apr 28 03:48:21 2014
Catching up with Jennifer Lopez following brunch in Malibu Jennifer Lopez is putting the final touches on her long-awaited tenth studio album that is expected sometime later this year. The album comes at an important time for Lopez. In addition...
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