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Posted by Pangako Sayo on 15 years ago

Everybody will fall in love with Jericho
In the top teleserye Pangako Sa 'Yo, playing Angelo and Yna, every promise they have for televiewers are becoming realities. Now the country's most popular, sought-after and youngest love pair Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa will star in the year's sweetest, sunniest and most romantic treat of the year from Star Cinema, Forevermore!
Screenplayed by Mari Lamasan and Henry King Quitain, Forevermore is the movie directorial debut of young 32 year-old television show director John D Lazatin. What Lazatin concocted is a sweet movie that breathes lightness from a story that's filled with romance. It combines the freshness of both main actors who appeal to audiences young and young at heart. What production designer Raymund Bajarias designed even enhances the laid-back atmosphere where things provincial come off and blend well with modernity while romance is in the air.
Like two lovebirds or at the very least, jesting close friends sneering each other during shooting breaks, Jericho and Kristine admit their roles Anton and Marian in Forevermore are softer sides of Angelo Buenavista and Yna Macaspac in Pangako Sa 'Yo. Their 'new' freshness is set to come off on screen. Deciphering his role Anton, Jericho says "ay naku ang daming nilang different sides although parehong malinis ang intention sa buhay. Kaya lang si Anton is basically a man who is light and loves life pero looking for somebody to share yung love niya. Makulit na binata pero alam ng puso niya kung ano ang mga serious na ba**. Basically my character dito sa movie is a lovable man," stresses the handsome hunk. Kristine this time observes that "**a ng movie, light and role ko. Si Marian kase, athletic na tao at saka medyo makulit, si Yna (Pangako Sa 'Yo), serious sa buhay. Magaan ang dating ng movie tapos marami kaming light at saka kilig moments ni Echo." Obviously indulging their confident affinity on and off screen, Jericho reveals, "hindi na kami nagkakapaan pag sigaw ni direct John D ng 'action'. We try to feel agad, kung baga, gamay na namin yung emotions ng character namin sa mga scenes. Isa pa iyung pagiging close namin ni Tin-Tin nakatulong ng malaki kaya walang kaproble-problema sa shooting," he says matter-of-factly.
Their closeness and friendship obviously brimming with good things! Their movie a real feel-good romantic treat! Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa are set to conquer hearts of all shapes and sizes, may your hearts be young or old, heavy or light, big or small --- in Forevermore, which opens June 2002!

To you all who love THE PROMISE of KBC Monday and Tuesday at 10:00pm


PANGAKO SA'YO (my promise to you)-Kristine Hermosa & Jericho Rosales
(Philipines drama soundtrack)

Noon akala ko ang wagas na pag-ibig
Ay sa nobela lang matatagpuan
At para bang kay hirap na paniwalaan

Ikaw, ikaw pala ang hinihintay kong pangarap
N**ong kapiling ka at tayo'y iisa
Hindi ko hahayaan na sa atin ay may hahadlang

Pangako sa 'yo, ipaglalaban ko
Sa hirap at ginhawa ang ating pag-ibig
Upang 'di magkalayo kailan man
Pagka't ang tulad mo ay minsan lang sa buhay ko

Ikaw, ikaw pala ang hinihintay kong pangarap
N**ong kapiling ka at tayo'y iisa
Hindi ko hahayaan na sa atin ay may hahadlang

Pangako sa 'yo, ipaglalaban ko
Sa hirap at ginhawa ang ating pag-ibig
Upang 'di magkalayo kailan man
Pagka't ang tulad mo ay minsan lang sa buhay ko

For better or for worse
For richer or for poorer
In sickness and in health
Till death do us part

Upang 'di magkalayo kailan man
Pagka't ang tulad mo ay minsan lang sa buhay ko

Pangako sa 'yo, ipaglalaban ko
Sa hirap at ginhawa ang ating pag-ibig
Upang 'di magkalayo kailan man
Pagka't ang tulad mo ay minsan lang sa buhay ko

Oh, lalala

Pangako Sa'Yo revolves around the story of a lovely housemaid, Yna, who falls in love with her senorito, Angelo. Their love story is destined to repeat history.
Years before, Yna's mother, Amor was also a maid in the Buenavista household, where in Angelo's father, Eduardo was Dona Benita's favored son. When their love affair was discovered, Dona Benita drove Amor away from the Hacienda. Rejected and oppressed, Amor left the province of Puntaverde but vowed to take revenge. Unknown to Eduardo, Amor was already carrying his child, Yna. Eduardo then married the powerful and influential, Claudia.
Amor left two-year old Yna with her mother, Chayong and married a foreigner who brought her to the United States.
But tragedy befell on Chayong and young Yna. Chayong died and Yna was adopted by Tata Isko and was whole-heartedly accepted by the family, natives of Puntaverde.
Yna grew up not knowing her past, until fate led her to Hacienda Buenavista and there, she met Angelo.
Thus, a new cycle of love and passion begins with mysteries and secrets about to unfold
writen by :
yna : anak amor & eduardo / angelo : anak diego ( adik eduardo) / lia : kawin dengan jonathan dan dapat anak sorang tapi lia mati sebab sakit kanser. / claudia : masuk penjara tapi insaf dan kahwin dengan kekasih lamanya - simon / amor dan eduardo : kawin / ina & angelo :kawin / bea bianca (anak bekas suami amor dia america) : balik ke us ( abang angkatnya yang jahat dah insaf dan janji nak jaga dia ) / maria amor : anak claudia & simon (claudia sayang angelo coz ingat angelo tu anak dia dengan simon tapi ayah claudia tukar anak sebenar claudia(maria amor) dengan anak diego..the end

The Spoiler :: PANGAKO SA YO :: EPISODE No. 480

Claudia attempts to shoot those who try to get the pistol from her. It pains her how Angelo despises thinking she devoted all her life for him. She also could not accept Angelo still chose Yna over her. Angelo explains she only loves him because he she thought he is Simon's son. He compares how Claudia treated him better than Lia. Lia declares how she understands everything and that she still loves Claudia despite her favoritism. Claudia also abhors Amor for taking away all her riches and power. Eduardo defends Amor. He says he is guilty for accepting the marriage his mother and Mayor Zalameda set up even if there is no love for Claudia at all. He tried to be a good father to Angelo and Lia but admits he never was a good husband to Claudia. Yna asks why Claudia hates her so much. Claudia admits how she hates "muchachas" like her because they remind her of her roots. Yna defends her individuality by saying she learned all the realities and values in life by being a humble servant. Yna knows here is a good left in Claudia because of how the woman showed her love for Angelo. She believes Claudia would be free from all the miseries and hate in her heart if she would only learn to forgive and accept that money and power are not the only hings that would make her happy. Claudia's heart slowly melts. She realizes what they just said are true. She kneels down and asks forgiveness sincerely. She looks toward the altar and apologizes to God and to Maria Amor. Claudia could see Maria Amor's apparition looking down at her with a smile. Suddenly the police arrive and handcuff Claudia.
During the court hearing, Claudia pleads guilty of Yna's kidnapping and even the cases the peasants filed against her. She is given the verdict of life sentence. Claudia knows she deserves the punishment. Before they lock her up, Claudia apologizes to Amor and Yna again. Amor hands her Maria Amor's ashes.
Yna and Angelo have set up Eduardo and Amor for a dinner date. There, duardo opens up his heart once again. His marriage annulment with Edelweiss would soon be granted and he asks Amor to marry him.
On the other hand, Amor has decided to live a simple life. She divides all her wealth to her loved ones, to Betty Mae (who is now the CEO of the Powers Group of Companies), her secretary Debra, her loyal aid Rufo, her bestfriend Lourdes, Belen, Pacita and Doray, Puring Lorenzo and Fatima and the rest goes to her daugher Yna. Amor just want to handle her charitable institutions. Yna also does the same thing. She says goodbye to the limelight and chooses to concentrate on what she loves most, painting and drawing. Her last episode on the show is a tribute to Amor Powers. All the people she has helped testify about her kindness and pure heart.
After five years a lot has changed for the better. Benjie's book about the Buenavistas is finally launched. Belen put up a simple sari-sari store. Flerida and Kit have graduated from college. Puring still dreams of a happy Maria Amor. Errol is still a media reporter. Diego wins the Puntaverde gubernatorial elections and the people love him. Lia already passed away and left Jonathan with little Lia who is now five years old. Jonathan and little Lia always visit Claudia in the correctional. Betty Mae manages to have space for both work and romance. Amor and Eduardo live a simple life happily in a secluded place and Eduardo always paints her. Yna puts up her very own art exhibit and her marriage with Angelo gets stronger day by day. True love still prevails. Simon comes back to Claudia and are wed in the penitentiary. And as for the General, he is already decided to leave the country and Galaxy Powers because he claims Galaxy Powers has never been the same since Amor left. General's trusted companion asks General why he is so fond of Amor. All General could say is he owed Amor's mother a lot.

Setting the Trend for Superb Cinematic Excellence
Star Cinema Productions, Inc., a subsidiary of the Philippines' largest broadcasting network, ABS-CBN, produces an average of 20 films a year. It ranks second among the local movie companies in terms of capturing market share, a remarkable feat indeed, considering that the company just celebrated its seventh anniversary last May 2000.
TOPICS: Awards and Recognition, International Film Festivals, International Co-Production, Star Tech: The Next Generation.
Awards and Recognition
Star Cinema Productions, Inc. formally started on May 8, 1993, with the showing of the big-budget action picture, Adan Ronquillo: Tubong Cavite, Laking Tundo starring Bong Revilla Jr. To date, the Film Ratings Board (FRB), an independent agency created by the Philippine government to recognize outstanding Filipino movies, has given a B rating to six of Star Cinema's films: Pare Ko, Kapag May Katwiran . . . Ipaglaban Mo (The Movie), Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara, Matimbang Pa Sa Dugo, Radio Romance and Ama, Ina, Anak.
A good number of Star Cinema's films have also received recognition from the different award-giving bodies in the Philippines.
International Film Festivals
Since 1994, Star Cinema's films have been exhibited for possible market distribution and competition in various international film festivals including Toronto International Film Festival, Hongkong International Film Festival, Fukuoka Film Festival (Fukuoka, Japan) and Ourense Film Festival (Spain) among others.
International Co-production
Star Cinema is reunited with its mother company, ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp., as a result of the latter's formal entry into the lucrative international film market via the incorporation of Star Pacific Cinema. Star Pacific Cinema is jointly owned by ABS-CBN and Pacific Hollywood Corp., a company holding multiple business interests at Subic Bay Freeport. With Star Pacific Cinema's initial release GOODBYE AMERICA, ABS-CBN and Star Cinema have taken the lead in the globalization of the Filipino motion picture industry. Even as "GOODBYE AMERICA" is well on its way to becoming an international hit, Star Pacific Cinema is already gearing up for more full-scale international projects, including a film with David Hasselhoff of BAYWATCH fame to be shot beginning November '97.
Star Tech : The Next Generation
As early as 1994, it had already acquired the ARRI 535B — a camera which fully captures live sound, thus, giving crisp and clear sound to the movie. Star Cinema is one of the few Filipino movie companies who produce feature films recorded in original sound. Out of fifty releases since 1993, Star Cinema has produced eight pictures using original sound, one of which is to be released soon.
Star Cinema also uses the intervalometer, 300 – 600 mm Canon lenses for long range and wide angle shooting, a Pegasus Crane which can be mounted to as high as 30 feet, Bell and Howell camera, a variety of lights such as the 20K Tungsten, 18 K HMI and Xenon Lights as well as Dedocol and Kinoflo lights, the Solar Balloon and the Steadicam Master Series which eliminates the jerky motions when shooting moving people or objects through narrow and winding places like alleys and staircases.
With its equipment, sound and dynamic leadership and the solid backing of its mother company, ABS-CBN, Star Cinema Productions, Inc. has proven its capability of producing quality movies for both local and international market.

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