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Guinness noitulovE

The new TV advert for Guinness summarizes evolution and thus 500,000,000 years in 50 seconds.

After the 1999 Surfer spot Guinness' advertisers from AMV BBDO teamed up again with the creatives of Framestore CFC to create a unique and remarkable television advert.

The plot of the spot summed up simply: the Guinness beer theory is that man's ascent from the slime has been leading him inevitably towards the enjoyment of a pint of their estimable product.

The advert synopsis, cited from the press release: "noitulovE starts at the end, as it were, with three men in a bar raising their pints and enjoying their first sip of Guinness. As an orchestral introduction finishes and the song 'Rhythm of Life' (from 'Sweet Charity') kicks in, the men move in backwards-motion out of the bar and into the street. We follow them a few paces, noticing that their clothing has already become Edwardian, and that the buildings around them appear to be deconstructing themselves. Cutting to a wide shot of a city (London, in fact) shot from above, we see the city itself rapidly disassembling, diminishing to a Saxon settlement in a couple of seconds. Cutting back to our heroes, we find them still walking backwards, clad in Bronze Age garb through a devolving rural landscape. They are swiftly surrounded by a fast-paced glacier, and there is a slight pause as an Ice Age flashes by.

As they emerge from the big freeze, our heroes, now moving with a distinctly simian gait, find their clothes whisked off them, leaving animal skin loincloths. A quick glimpse of a Grand Canyon like scene forming itself, and we are back with the guys who have taken to the trees in the form of three chimps. Continuing down the evolutionary chain, the three chimps become, in quick succession, flying squirrels, furry mammals, aquatic mammals, fishes, prehistoric flightless bird creatures, tiny dinosaurs, and finally mudskippers. Grouped around a puddle in a primeval mud hole, the three companions take a sip from the puddle starting back at the taste of it. We conclude with a close-up of one of the mudskippers, registering his feelings about the taste of the available brew with a 'Pweugh!' of disgust."

The spot with the official title noitulovE, directed by Daniel Kleinman and realised by Framestore CFC, makes its debut on UK terrestrial TV on 3rd October 2005, and will be screened on TV and in cinemas over coming months.

Creative Credits: For the Client: Guinness Beer Agency AMV BBDO Agency Producer Yvonne Chalkley Creatives Ian Heartfield, Matt Doman Production Company Kleinman Productions Director Daniel Kleinman Production Company Producer Johnnie Frankel Editor Steve Gandolfi

For Framestore CFC VFX Supervisor / Lead Inferno Artist William Bartlett Inferno Artist Alex Thomas Additional Inferno Artists Murray Butler, Jonathan Hairman Jnr Inferno Artist Chris Redding Roto Artists Nicha Kumkeaw, Daria Ashley CGI Supervisor Andy Boyd Snr CGI Artist Dan Seddon CGI Artists Jamie Isles, David Mellor, James Healy, Laura Dias, Chris Syborn, Alex Doyle, Michele Fabbro, Joe Thornley Lead Animator Quentin Miles Animators Nicklas Andersson, Craig Penn, Don Mahmood Jnr CGI Artist Rob Richardson CGI Tracking Joe Leavson Telecine Colourist Matthew Turner Producer Scott Griffin Production Assistant Sarah Goodwin

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