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A look a TV Commercials in our Database

Have you had a test drive of our new search function lately? No? Then maybe now is the perfect time to do it.

Let's have a look at Commercials:

Do you remember the Hamlet Cigars cinema commercials? Well, if you don't then visit this search results page and have a look at three of them. Especially the Ferrari one is sure to get an instant classic with those of you who didn't knew it before..

And what about the Nextel ads? This page presents three of them. And while the spot called 'Bees' is remarkable for its idea, the one that really got off the ground was the 'Dance Party' ad. See some down to earth tech and IT guys have some geeky fun, all thanks to Nextel's services helping them getting the job done in time - and earlier!

Interesting is [

this surprising commercial for the MVPA], as far as we know the Music Video Producers Association. As it seems these guys doesn't only know how to organize video production for their clients but also manage to bundle their visual grammar (ok, ok, two sexy girls...) to produce a visually appealing spot for what seems to be a not-so-glamorous business award.

If you'd like to have a look at an advertising gem, then [

this Nikon advert] is for you. Sure, it rises the question if it's really ok to use the camera to 'pimp-up' your wife, but it is a sweet spot giving you a warm sepia-toned feeling afterwards. Surely something nice in the steady stream of fast-paced advertising these days.

A bit corny is the idea [

of this Nokia commercial]. A fancy party, well-dressed guests and - oh, no - white socks! Come on, there are more interesting things to do with a phone camera than shooting bad style and sending it to the 'fashion squad', but ok, we'll let Nokia get away with it this last time. But have a look at this great and stylish commercial from Motorola directed by Bruce St.Clair!

For the film buff in all of us [

this bit for Parisienne cigarettes] might be interesting]. A nice variation of Robert Altman's 'Short Cuts'.

Finally, a serious topic - domestic violence! These three ads by MSP (My Sister's Place) might seem ab bit over the top, but think about it. And after that respect the campaign for putting out a set of fine TV commercials.


# Posted by staff on Fri Nov 10 00:52:00 2006 | Category: TelevisionCommercials

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