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Clipland Re-Launch

After a lot of work during the last few weeks we today officially relaunched Clipland!

Although we are still tweaking the details and are killing the last minor bugs, the performance so far is good. The new layout seems to help users navigate the site and assists in finding exactly the video or information you, the users, are looking for.

The transition effective today marks the fourth re-design of Clipland since our start back in 1998, making the current design version 4.0.

The main improvement in our re-launch is the introduction of a new search engine. As announced in this past post the new search engine core will bring a lot of improvements. The main thing is now the complete and transparent inclusion of off-site content. In the past the build-in search found only matches in the Clipland Database, now called Clipland Catalog. This was a limitation as it gave no results on videos that were not then in the database. Now we added a web wide search feature based on our own crawls done by the Clipland MediaSearch PRO Service robot.

We at Clipland are quite excited over it as it surpasses many competitors in terms of relevance and quality of results. Imagine a query for a specific movie trailer or music video. The Web Search results page will present you with results based on relevance along with durations and preview thumbnails. Hovering over the thumbnail will reveal the quality/frame-size of the source as a link comment/title. OK, so far you know these features from other video search engines.

Now, what makes Clipland's engine stand apart is that a click on the thumbnail will bring you to a browsable stream of image captures from the video resource, making it easier to preview if the result is what you are looking for.

Also, the results page carries links to all sorts of links for each entry. There is the Source link, telling you about container format of the video source and giving a convenient link to the video. The context links give access to MediaSearch's cache copy of the site where the video was found and a link to click through to the URL. And there is the smart Share & Embed link bringing you to a page with all the codes and links you need to upgrade your MySpace, Friendster, etc. pages or embed the video into your Blog/Website.

And to ensure that all results presented by Clipland's MediaSearch are accurate and of quality we have a closed crawler system guided by our editors. This limits the number of total URLs in our index but it ensures that absolutely no search-engine spam enters our catalog.

The overall relauch and re-design of the end-user site known as is part of our ongoing work on the Clipland PRO bunch of professional services. The backend of the new Clipland Search is the Clipland PRO | MediaSearch engine, which will be one of the most usable and advanced video search engines on the web - once it is completed.

It has been a long way since our last Search Redesign in 2004. We hope the new functionalities will cater to the needs of our users once the launch of the new Search is official. Tell us what you think of the beta!


# Posted by staff on Thu Oct 5 22:50:03 2006 | Category: Clipland

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