Seventhly - Time Is Up - Cigar Box Sessions - Dir. Paul Stevenson

videos.antville.org - Wed Dec 16 13:27:25 2015

Seventhly - Time Is Up - Cigar Box Sessions - Dir. Paul Stevenson

Special thanks to Seventhly.

Director: Paul Stevenson Camera: Joe Norledge, Paul Stevenson

Edit: Chris Urmston Sound mixing: TTW Audio Design Graphic Design: Tom Lee Motion Design

Produced by visual hybrid

Filmed at Drummond & Hammett Guitars, Easton, Bristol

Best of 2015 - Top 20 Animated Music Videos

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Wed Dec 16 12:10:40 2015
Best of 2015 - Top 20 Animated Music Videos

It's time to start our annual round-up of the year's best music videos, and where better to begin here, with the best animated videos of 2015.

Alloise - Crown (Official Music Video) [360° version] (Dir. Serge Vane)

videos.antville.org - Wed Dec 16 11:14:06 2015

This 360 Version requires Google Chrome or the YouTube App on Mobile.

Great Mountain Fire 'The Magic' by SALSA

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Wed Dec 16 10:35:34 2015
Great Mountain Fire 'The Magic' by SALSA

SALSA, a Brazilian directing duo based in both Brussels and Rio, grabbed first prize at the Young Directors Award at Cannes in 2015 for Heaven, their powerful narrative-driven awareness film against human trafficking.


Welcome to TJ ep 1

videos.antville.org - Wed Dec 16 03:36:13 2015

Check out how we do in TJ ;)

www.facebook.com www.youtube.com www.twitter.com

Project Grand Slam- "Around The Horn"

videos.antville.org - Wed Dec 16 02:52:34 2015

New concept video from Fusion band Project Grand Slam, directed by Aaron Wilhelm. This track was recorded at New York City's famed Cutting Room.

Nathan Morris - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

videos.antville.org - Tue Dec 15 22:03:38 2015


Merry Christmas to everyone! The Holidays are a time for singing Christmas songs. This Christmas music video is about giving to those in need. I hope this Christmas song, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", gets you in the Christmas spirit. Let me know your favorite Christmas songs in the comments!

Subscribe for more HERE: www.youtube.com

More Christmas Songs and Videos: I'll Be Home for Christmas bit.ly O Holy Night bit.ly Decorating for Christmas bit.ly I'll Be Home for Christmas Behind the Scenes bit.ly

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Die!Die!Die! - 'Dark Arrow' (dir. Dylan Pharazyn)

videos.antville.org - Tue Dec 15 20:38:24 2015

A young girl walking through an abandoned industrial park is haunted by herself.

Official Music Video for 'Dark Arrow' by Die! Die! Die!. 1min, 23seconds. Arri Alexa. Colour.

Director - Dylan Pharazyn.

Featuring - Marria Kotsar. Producer - Allison Lockwood. Director of Photography - Mauro Chiarello Ciardo. Editor - Alistair MacDonald. Stylist - Karen Inderbitzen-Waller.

Executive Producers - Wilf Sweetland & Fiona King. Line Producer - Dana Teslenko. Production Coordinator - Olya Kosenko. Location Manager - Artem Matsiuh. 1st AC - Dima Tartishnikov. 1st AD - Dennis Sonin. Post Production - Method Sydney. Post Producer - Sarah Brown. Colourist - Fergus Rotherham.


videos.antville.org - Tue Dec 15 19:03:30 2015

Blamo - "Bury Me" (Dir: Adrian Patterson)

videos.antville.org - Tue Dec 15 17:43:07 2015

Jason Derulo 'Get Ugly' by Syndrome

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Tue Dec 15 17:20:04 2015
Jason Derulo 'Get Ugly' by Syndrome

LA-based directing team Syndrome have cooked up a colourful, vibrant and hyperreal dance video for Jason Derulo's Get Ugly, which sees Jason and his crew making their way through the city, getting everyone moving through their infectious, energetic dance moves.


Chet Faker & Marcus Marr 'The Trouble With Us' by Kinopravda

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Tue Dec 15 15:40:20 2015
Chet Faker & Marcus Marr 'The Trouble With Us' by Kinopravda

Kinopravda take us through the stages of a relationship in this chic, pleasantly choreographed video for Chet Faker & Marcus Marr's track The Trouble With Us, with a series of scenes spanning initial flirtation, amusement, love and ending with frustration and separation.


Kloe 'Touch' by Geej Ower

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Tue Dec 15 13:54:54 2015
Kloe 'Touch' by Geej Ower

Geej Ower has directed this fluid and sensual yet realistic video for Scottish singer-songwriter Kloe's song Touch with vignettes of the singer in the midst of teenage love, friendship, and everything inbetween.


Fifty Years of British Music Video 1966 - 2016 - Research Assistant required

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Tue Dec 15 13:14:19 2015
Fifty Years of British Music Video 1966 - 2016 - Research Assistant required

The University of Portsmouth is looking to recruit a Research Assistant on an Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded project on the history of British music video. The main duty will be archival research. The post is for 9-12 months, based in London.

The Questionnaire: Elizabeth Doonan

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Tue Dec 15 11:15:11 2015
The Questionnaire: Elizabeth Doonan
The Questionnaire: Elizabeth Doonan

In her four years at Sony Music, Elizabeth Doonan has become one of London's top music video commissioners. Just in the past year her prolific output includes videos for Foxes, George Ezra, Billie Marten, Izzy Bizu, NAO and MØ. She grew up in Dundalk, in co. Louth, Ireland (a border town fondly nicknamed El Paso) before heading for the big city. She's 28 and now lives in Aldgate East.  

Message To Bears 'You Are A Memory' by John Dunn

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Tue Dec 15 09:30:29 2015
Message To Bears 'You Are A Memory' by John Dunn

John Dunn's sentimental, touching visuals for You Are A Memory by Message To Bears sees a homeless man (played by Nico Migliorati) during a moment of reflection, with a solitary choreography filled with longing. After dancing alone for a little while, he is joined by a woman from his past (Isabelle Cressy), heightening the feeling of nostalgia all the more. 


El Guincho — HiperAsia [Trailer]

videos.antville.org - Tue Dec 15 00:35:54 2015

MGA add Rumble London directors for music video representation

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Mon Dec 14 17:15:44 2015
MGA add Rumble London directors for music video representation

Marisa Garner Associates is now representing directors at Rumble London for music videos.

BUG 49 - all the videos

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Mon Dec 14 14:50:23 2015
BUG 49 - all the videos

Some of the most groundbreaking, creative and entertaining music videos of the past few months were shown at the last new BUG show of 2015. There was also a mini-catchup of winners at the UK Music Videos Awards that somehow evaded screening at previous shows this year.

Alborosie - "Kingston Town", Dir: ?

videos.antville.org - Mon Dec 14 00:34:18 2015

ゼ[Ze] - Dark in the Rain

videos.antville.org - Sun Dec 13 18:49:26 2015

ゼ[Ze] is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Tokyo Japan led by Canadian singer/songwriter Pete Klassen. This video was directed by Hirotomo Nozawa of Tokyo Sound Project and is a song to be featured on the band's upcoming album in mid-2016.

BIG ZERO - Next Christmas

videos.antville.org - Sun Dec 13 09:48:25 2015

DIY video from the minds of the London New Wave band BIG ZERO

Dancing Pigeons - This Is It ( Directed by: Johan Bring)

videos.antville.org - Sat Dec 12 23:37:35 2015

Dancing Pigeons - This Is It, from the upcoming album by Dancing Pigeons (December 16th).

Direction, photo & production: Johan Bring Stylist: Naemi Gustavsson, Josefine Lundberg & Johan Bring Man: Johan Rämö Woman: Rebecka Norman Technician: Fredrik Smedberg www.facebook.com/dancingpigeons www.vozaltarecords.com www.johanbring.com

Ghostpoet - Be Right Back Moving House

videos.antville.org - Sat Dec 12 19:03:48 2015

Ziúr - Lips (Dir.: Dácio Pinheiro)

videos.antville.org - Sat Dec 12 16:24:39 2015


videos.antville.org - Fri Dec 11 13:31:39 2015


Röyksopp - Running To The Sea from Jeremi Durand on Vimeo.

Two portraits of a drowning society / Lost in a sea of emotions / Kids’ memories and the promises made / Stuck in one position / Detox generation / Paradox generation / Run for our lives and happiness / Leaving the weight of Life behind / Draw our own destiny / Set free / Dance like the sea

CREDITS: Starring: Amanda Wass & Leo Jonah

Director: Jeremi Durand DOP: Ben Millar

Make-up: Bunnice Allen Editing: Jeremi Durand Grading: Susumu Asano at Digital Vision London VFX: Gabriele Tropiano Art Direction: Veronika Safrankova

With the help of Shoot Blue London and DigitalVision London.


Julia Kent - Flag Of No Country (directed by Enrico Salmasi)

videos.antville.org - Fri Dec 11 13:28:38 2015

Mokoi - Eden (directed by Anton Osipov)

videos.antville.org - Fri Dec 11 13:11:32 2015

A dark fairy tale that takes place in Eden garden.

BAZURT Relations

videos.antville.org - Fri Dec 11 05:55:22 2015

Check out the video to the HIT SINGLE RELATIONS BY BAZURT youtu.be

Yall — Hundred Miles (Dir. Manson)

videos.antville.org - Thu Dec 10 23:55:34 2015

Enya - 'S fagaim mo bhaile (unofficial)

videos.antville.org - Thu Dec 10 18:53:25 2015

A fan video by jimaginata (2008)

Great Mountain Fire "The Magic" by SALSA

videos.antville.org - Thu Dec 10 16:34:56 2015

Mild High Club (Stones Throw Records) - Weeping Willow - Cigar Box Sessions

videos.antville.org - Thu Dec 10 15:10:02 2015

Mild High Club (Stones Throw Records) - Weeping Willow - Cigar Box Sessions

Special thanks to Mild High Club & Stones Throw Records.

Director: Paul Stevenson Camera: Jack Fletcher, Paul Stevenson

Edit: Chris Urmston Sound mixing: TTW Audio Design Graphic Design: Tom Lee Motion Design

Produced by visual hybrid

Filmed at Drummond & Hammett Guitars, Easton, Bristol

Blog Alert: Bookmark My New Tumblr Blog to Continue Getting Updates

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Tue Jun 3 06:01:44 2014
After writing this blog for over twelve years (I was one of the very first music bloggers), I feel it's time to branch out a little and try something new. I've been frustrated recently by the ongoing server outages at...

[REPORT] Inside the Making of Afrojack's 'Forget The World' with Sting, Matthew Koma, Wrabel, Spree Wilson and D-wayne

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Mon May 19 05:44:57 2014
After producing smash hits for people like Ne-Yo, Pitbull, Beyonce, David Guetta and Chris Brown, double GRAMMY-winning DJ/producer Afrojack releases his highly-anticipated debut artist album Forget The World today. It's a moment that's been long in the making and represents...

Disclosure, Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes Discuss the Making of 'Latch' [VIDEO]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Wed May 14 19:32:06 2014
Good music wins and Disclosure's "Latch" is solid proof of that. After it was first released in October 2012 in the U.K., the song has slowly but surely gained momentum in America and it has turned the British duo into...

Hoodie Allen Premieres 'Show Me What You're Made Of' Video [First Look]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Thu May 8 20:42:47 2014
I have said this before and I will say it again: Hoodie Allen is a true role model for all aspiring artists out there. Without the power of a major label on his side, the rapper makes music, plays shows,...

Listen to Oliver Heldens feat. Becky Hill 'Gecko (Overdrive)' [Review]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Wed May 7 20:21:26 2014
Oliver Helden's bass-happy "Gecko" is without a doubt one of the finest house records released in 2013. In fact, alongside efforts by Disclosure, Duke Dumont and Clean Bandit, the track has helped to put deep house music back on the...

Pop Alert: Newcomer Allie X Talks about Inspirations Behind New Track 'Bitch'

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Tue May 6 23:15:21 2014
As long as there is pop, there is hope. And pop newcomer Allie X gives us plenty to believe in. Following the successful release of her synth-pop gems "Prime" and "Catch," the rapidly-rising Canadian singer now serves up the brand-new...

Sweden's Andreas Moe Turns Rivers Into Oceans on His New Single [Review]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Sun May 4 20:26:43 2014
Scandinavia continues to be an incredible rich breeding ground for fantastic new pop and dance music. Robyn's new single with the guys of Royksopp is a great example of that. To celebrate that much-anticipated new track I put together a...

Robyn and Röyksopp Deliver What We Hoped for on Glorious New 'Do It Again'

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Tue Apr 29 21:29:01 2014
The best thing about Robyn's new single with Röyksopp is that it delivers exactly what we had hoped for. Driven by a bouncy bassline and sparkly synth flourishes, "Do It Again" is an effervescent pop confection that's all about having...

Jennifer Lopez Previews New Album and Single at Malibu Brunch [FULL DETAILS]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Mon Apr 28 02:48:21 2014
Catching up with Jennifer Lopez following brunch in Malibu Jennifer Lopez is putting the final touches on her long-awaited tenth studio album that is expected sometime later this year. The album comes at an important time for Lopez. In addition...

Tiësto Premieres Video for 'Wasted' feat. Matthew Koma, Unveils Album Details

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Fri Apr 25 16:23:38 2014
Tiësto is a bonafide dance music institution. For the past twenty years, he has ruled dancefloors across the world with his music that has inspired and influenced a whole new generation of DJs that's emerging now. The superstar DJ is...

Ashworth Unleashes New Single 'God Must Be A Lonely Man' [Interview]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Thu Apr 24 18:15:20 2014
Frequent readers of this blog may remember that I first alerted you about Ashworth when I posted his remixes for Gym Class Heroes ("Ass Back Home"), Neon Hitch ("Gold") and Childish Gambino ("Heartbeat") back in 2012. Since those early releases,...

My Ten Favorite Lyrics from Iggy Azalea's Accomplished Debut LP 'The New Classic'

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Wed Apr 23 07:13:25 2014
Iggy Azalea released her long-awaited debut album The New Classic this week. It's a major milestone for the mediagenic MC who bought a one-way ticket from Australia to Miami, Florida at age 16 to pursue a career in music. After...

Sam Smith Shines, Electrifies Audience at Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles [Review]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Sat Apr 19 21:44:25 2014
There's no doubt in my mind that Sam Smith is one of the finest and most impressive new talents to reckon with on the pop scene this year. After the success of tracks like "Latch" and "La La La" overseas,...

Betablock3r Premieres Debut Single 'Don't Take Me Home' feat. Vic & Gab [Review]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Thu Apr 17 19:31:10 2014
After producing a series of high-grade remixes for other artists (like this one and this one), production outfit Betablock3r is unveiling their long-awaited debut artist single today. Titled "Don't Take Me Home," the song is a brightly glowing dance-pop confection...

Swedish Dance Duo Nause Unveils New Pop Single 'Head Over Heels' [Review]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Tue Apr 15 07:22:56 2014
While on the topic of superb Swedish pop with the announcement of Robyn's new music today, it's a perfect time to also highlight Swedish DJ/production outfit Nause who return with a new single as well. Hause is the duo of...

Oscars 2015 - Short Film Academy Awards

Clipland Blog Index - Sun Mar 2 23:45:00 2014
Nominees of the 87th Academy Awards 2015: Best Live Action Short Film Butter Lamp Parvaneh Aya Boogaloo and Graham The Phone Call Best Animated Short Film Feast Me and My Moulton A Single Life The Bigger Picture The Dam Keeper Best Documentary ... ..more
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