PAPA – "Young Rut" (dir. NORTON)

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 14:51:41 2013

An unexpected pair lets go of their old life and falls in love in L.A., until a twist of fate breaks them apart.

Let The Machines Do The Work 'Let Me Be The One' by Eoin Glaister

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Thu Aug 22 14:30:00 2013
Let The Machines Do The Work 'Let Me Be The One' by Eoin Glaister
Let The Machines Do The Work 'Let Me Be The One' by Eoin Glaister

Football Factory meets Saturday Night Fever... Disco conquers hate in Eoin Glaister's surprising and brilliant video for Let Me Be The One by Let The Machines Do The Work.


King Krule 'Easy Easy' by Focus Creeps

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Thu Aug 22 13:30:00 2013
King Krule 'Easy Easy' by Focus Creeps
King Krule 'Easy Easy' by Focus Creeps
King Krule 'Easy Easy' by Focus Creeps

Ever reliable for potraiting artists with vintage charm, Focus Creeps direct the visual for 'singer of the moment' King Krule.  It doesn't take much to make the charismatic teenager stand out (especially with that hair) but this soft focus film with added modern touches really brings his east London credentials to the forefront.

Pity they couldn't find a suit to fit him...


Stanton Warriors 'Cut Me Up' (dir, Edward Drake)

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 11:59:21 2013

This video was made via Radar

Subscape 'I Need You' (dir, Człowiek Kamera)

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 11:57:26 2013

This video was made via Radar

Spiritualized 'I Am What I Am' by AG Rojas

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Thu Aug 22 11:30:00 2013
Spiritualized 'I Am What I Am' by AG Rojas

Following his promo for Hey Jane last year, AG Rojas teams up with Spiritualized once again, for the video to I Am What I Am.


Elton John - Home Again

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 10:49:09 2013

Scrufizzer 'Kick It Again' by Mister Whitmore

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Thu Aug 22 09:30:00 2013
Scrufizzer 'Kick It Again' by Mister Whitmore

Mister Whitmore and Scrufizzer partner up for this intriguing promo to new single Kick It Again.

The UK rapper is joined by an army of deapan models/dancers all identically clothed in this simple but effective video, staged in minimalist settings adding to the stylish look...


VITNE - Not Far From Shallow Water (Dir: Vitne)

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 09:21:44 2013
Official music video for VITNE performing "Not Far From Shallow Water" - www.VITNE.net

Paradame - "Toe Up"

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 08:55:16 2013

Official music video
Directed / produced by Mezus


Castling Queen's Side - Safe Side

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 08:24:20 2013

Dee Dee - Strange Impersonations (Dir. Seaton Lin)

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 07:28:24 2013
Dee Dee - Strange Impersonations - Seaton Lin - Dollya
Dee Dee - Strange Impersonations - Seaton Lin
Dee Dee - Strange Impersonations - Seaton Lin

The new fashion / music video for Dee Dee - Strange Impersonations.


Starring: Dollya
Music: Nom Deplume
Directed by: Seaton Lin

Torch "Lord Knows" dir. J.R. Saint

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 04:11:26 2013

STEREOTIDE - SOMEDAY (Directed by Dr.G.)

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 02:39:32 2013

Debut Single "SOMEDAY" and official Music Video from German Rock Band STEREOTIDE

ITUNES: itunes.apple.com

AMAZON: www.amazon.de



Directed by: DR. G.

VFX by: Gero Langheinrich

DOP: Florian Sommer

Copyright: SMG

Coheed And Cambria "Number City" (Jonathan Chong, dir.)

videos.antville.org - Thu Aug 22 02:19:53 2013

Double Zero "Hard Times" dir. Lara Celenza, 2013

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 22:03:28 2013

Shot at The Joint, London Kings X

"Hard Times" (03:54 min.) by Double Zero (c) 2013 Kalifilm Productions, Release Date: 21 August 2013.

Directed by: Lara Celenza / DoP: James Winslett / Set Photographer: Simona Travaglini / Edited by: Lara Celenza.

Music Credits
"Hard Times"
Double Zero
Will Oliver: Guitar / Vocals
Sam Godfrey: Drums
Chris Pearson: Bass / Backing Vocals

Website: www.doublezeroonline.com
PR: www.sugarrushpromotions.com

Music Videos & Live Gig Videography

Melon & The Mayhem “Alone Together”

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 21:55:20 2013

"Alone Together" will make you want to party all night and then take home a stranger, in the classiest way.

The gold glamour of a 1920's Gatsby party inspired our summer party scene, where the band performs the jazzy, upbeat song to a crowd. A sassy, female-fronted, five-piece band from Nashville reflects the sultry jazz singers of the 1920s and puts a modern spin on the saxophone-infused swing bands of Sinatra's time.

Here is some relevant information about the band and music video! Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

Artist name: Melon & The Mayhem

Location: Nashville, TN

Styles: Blues, Jazz, Pop

Single name: "Alone Together"

Video release date: Aug 21, 2013

Directed and edited by Mike White/ White Cinematography.

Label information: unsigned

Music video link: youtu.be

Single on iTunes:

Secure Press Photos Link: tinyurl.com

Websites: facebook.com/melonandthemayhem, soundcloud.com/melonandthemayhem

Press contact: Jennifer Klein // nashville.indie.music@gmail.com

Artist contact: melonandthemayhem@gmail.com

Joel Sarakula // Matchstick Girl

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 21:30:18 2013
Joel Sarakula // Matchstick Girl
Written and Performed by Joel Sarakula
From album The Golden Age

Music video directed by Simona Zemaityte

Nicki Minaj "Pound the Alarm" dir. Benny Boom, 2012

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 19:31:21 2013

Aaliyah "We Need a Resolution" dir. Paul Hunter, 2001

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 17:19:58 2013

Review: Jetta Releases 'Start A Riot' on The Mortal Instruments Soundtrack

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Wed Aug 21 16:18:48 2013
Hot pop alert! Some mighty good music has arrived in a digital download store near you today that deserves all of your attention. Jetta's fantastic "Start A Riot" has finally been released this week in the U.S. as part of...

CQS - Confrontation

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 15:02:27 2013

Lady Gaga 'Applause' by Inez & Vinoodh

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Wed Aug 21 14:30:00 2013
Lady Gaga 'Applause' by Inez & Vinoodh
Lady Gaga 'Applause' by Inez & Vinoodh

Lady Gaga hires photographers Inez Van Lamsweerede and Vinoodh Matadin to direct the promo to her brand new single Applause and turn in this quite brilliant  sharply-edited 'fashion' shoot. 

Never one to disappoint, Ms Gaga puts on one helluva show - with a costume change and new look every couple of seconds - where at one point morphs into a creepy black swan...


To Kill A King 'Rays' by Jack King

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Wed Aug 21 13:30:00 2013
To Kill A King 'Rays' by Jack King

Jack King delivers an enjoyable, darkly comic narrative video for fellow royality-named indie-rockers To Kill A King.  

Bringing together the worlds of British small-town life, teenage vampire movies and big 80s hair, we're introduced to a rather odd secluded 'youngster' who (through not fault of his own) is forced to trip into the big wide world.


Foxes 'Youth' by James Copeman

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Wed Aug 21 11:30:00 2013
Foxes 'Youth' by James Copeman
Foxes 'Youth' by James Copeman

 James Copeman captures the urgent, rebellious lyric of Foxes' electro anthem Youth in this lively promo. 

The UK director stages the wide-eyed songstress in a black-and-white environment before the intro gives way to a vivid montage celebrating the spirit of youth - with colourful imagery of bonfire parties, eye-cathing costumes and a pair of Mickey Mouse ears...  


Mutya Keisha Siobhan 'Flatline' by KT Auleta

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Wed Aug 21 09:30:00 2013
Mutya Keisha Siobhan 'Flatline' by KT Auleta

Shot at Venice Beach and the Big Sky Movie Ranch in California, KT Auleta directs (and DP's) the return of the original Sugababes - now known as Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan - in her promo for Flatline. 

MKS enjoy a day at the coastal city before hopping into a convertible for a drive to the desert where they are joined by a marching band...



Foxes - Youth

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 08:46:47 2013

The Vaccines :Melody Calling

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 08:27:30 2013

After Hours - Fast Life

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 07:24:46 2013

After Hours - Fast Life (official single)
video directed by Prowlaman
original music by After Hours / Bill Jabr
featuring Bridget Anderson

After Hour's official website click here

"TROUBLE" Directed by Colin Kagel

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 02:50:04 2013

NEW ARTIST Saint London releases "Trouble" Official Music Video. Filmed by Colin Kagel of CBP. "Trouble" was recorded in Hollywood, CA. Engineered and mixed by Saint London in Atlanta, GA.

Follow Saint London on Twitter: @IamSaintLondon

Five Knives "Vive Le Roi" (Ace Norton, dir.)

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 02:19:44 2013

Peter Mack: 'People That Were Wrong'

videos.antville.org - Wed Aug 21 01:51:41 2013

People That Were Wrong from Peter Mack on Vimeo.

Animation, Music, Paintings, and Video by Peter Mack 2008-2013

Keeley Forsyth 'Then There Came A Time', Director Yvette Farmer

videos.antville.org - Tue Aug 20 22:30:00 2013

Director - Yvette Farmer
DP - Annette Remler
Camera Assistant - Rupert Van Den Broek
Lighting Assistant - Rudy Fitzgerald-Leonard
Grip - David Mason
Art Director - Thomas Durrant
Make Up & Hair Artist - Ben Hayes
Production Manager - Kayleigh Carroll
Editor - Tom Sharman
Colourist - Belgin Kaplan

Digitale Sanguine - Rythmes Digitale' Music Video 2013 (Directed by Riffy Powerz)

videos.antville.org - Tue Aug 20 22:25:55 2013

This is a quirky stop frame/live action animation video for French musician: Digitale Sanguine. This is my first ever animation but with an amazing team managed to achieve all the visions I wanted.
We discover this musician in a room trying to express his thoughts onto paper. Frustrated in not being able to he throws the paper away, but to his disbelief the paper comes to life before his very eyes and spreads across the walls. He is presented with various images of utopia and his vision of mysterious girl who he would like to make contact with.
The catchy and happy melody is a stark contrast to the dark melancholic french lyrics about nothing being real and yet existing with desire for everything to be.
The paper shifts and morphs into various scenes responding to the musician's every move. See paper in action like you've never seen before!

© Copyright to Riffy Powerz (riffat-a.com)

For more information about the artist follow:

Review: Midnight Red Premieres Video for New Single 'Take Me Home'

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Tue Aug 20 19:54:37 2013
Backstage with Midnight Red this weekend at Universal Citywalk #redmeetsred The popularity of acts like Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block, Jackson 5, One Direction and *NSYNC is solid proof that pop fans everywhere appreciate a talented group of...

The Vaccines 'Melody Calling' by Karan Kandhari

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Tue Aug 20 14:30:00 2013
The Vaccines 'Melody Calling' by Karan Kandhari

Filmed in 16mm and video, Karan Kandhari delivers this really excellent split-screen, narrative promo to partner The Vaccines' single Melody Calling, the lead track from their forthcoming EP.

Prominently featuring bass player Arni Anason, he rings up his bandmates (including frontman Justin Young), for advice on how to deal with a girl problem. Awkward moments ensue...  


Pale 'Fearing Faces' by Charlie and Joe

Promo News - Music video creativity every day - Tue Aug 20 13:30:09 2013
Pale 'Fearing Faces' by Charlie and Joe

Pale are a classic electronic-pop keyborads and vocals double act, and Charlie & Joe keep it simple in their video for Fearing Faces - its a minimal but intense performance video. 


Hot New Talent Alert: Listen to Ericka Guitron 'Crook' (2101 Records)

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Tue Aug 20 05:29:28 2013
Hit producer RedOne not only knows how to serve up smash records, he also has fine ear for spotting emerging talent. He partnered with Capitol Music Group earlier this year to build a wider global platform for his 2101 Records...

Sabi Returns With New Single 'Cali Love' Featuring Tyga from Forthcoming New EP

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Mon Aug 19 22:03:48 2013
Sabi sure is no stranger to pop aficionados among you. The Inglewood, CA singer shot to fame with her features on Cobra Starship's "You Make Me Feel" and Britney Spears "Drop Dead (Gorgeous)" in 2011. It's been a hot minute...

Review: Ellie Goulding Premieres New Track 'Under Control' from Halcyon Days

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Sun Aug 18 20:06:54 2013
Ellie Goulding has a whole lot of things to celebrate this week. She just finished up a very successful U.S. tour with Bruno Mars and her collaboration with Calvin Harris on "I Need Your Love" has hit heavy rotation on...

Hot New Pop Alert: Listen to Liz & Ryan Hemsworth 'Day N' Nite'

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Sat Aug 17 08:01:00 2013
Insiders have been buzzing for months about pop/R&B newcomer Liz ever since she released her debut single "Hush" Diplo's MadDecent label. Chances are many more pop fans will catch on to her striking talent with the unveiling of "Day N'...

Hot Pop Alert: Story of the Running Wolf Remixes Capital Cities 'Safe & Sound'

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Sat Aug 17 06:00:31 2013
One of my favorite pop remixes out right now is the Cash Cash remix of Capitol Cities' Billboard smash "Safe & Sound." It packs heaps of energy while not straying too far of the catchy pop sensibilities that make the...

[NEW] Two Door Cinema Club 'Changing Of The Seasons' (Produced by Madeon)

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Thu Aug 15 20:35:42 2013
French soundboard prodigy Madeon is gearing up for some very big things and his collaboration with Two Door Cinema Club on their fantastic new single "Changing Of The Seasons" is a good indication of where things are heading. Madeon's production...

Exclusive Remix: Listen to New Politics 'Harlem' (White Sea Remix)

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Thu Aug 15 19:33:14 2013
New Politics are stirring up a frenzy on rock radio and are now slowly but surely crossing over into pop territory with their new single, "Harlem." It's a potent slice pop-rock with a stomping groove, subtle guitar riff and an...

Listen to I Am A Camera 'The Legendary Children' (Jodie Harsh Remix)

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Wed Aug 14 06:46:56 2013
Frequent readers of this blog may remember that I first alerted you about British synth-pop duo I Am A Camera's "Factory Boys" in early 2012. The song was based on the true story of The Dupont Twins, two regular teenage...

Listen to Aiden Grimshaw 'The Way We Are' [First Listen]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Tue Aug 13 19:38:18 2013
While the pop spotlight is occupied by two hot new singles that dropped this week, it's also a great moment to check out some other exciting new pop releases that are bubbling up. For example, Natalia Kills ("Saturday Night") and...

Listen to WYTE LABL featuring Andreas Moe "This Year (As We Go)"

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Sun Aug 11 17:50:32 2013
Following the overseas chart success of deep house revivalists like Disclosure and Duke Dumont, there's a slew of other exciting new DJs, artists and producers emerging who serve up an exciting brew of retro-styled dance sounds and modern-day hooks. Take...

Playlist: Ten Songs That Will Make You Roar!

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Sun Aug 11 17:12:42 2013
Katy Perry unveiled her much anticipated new single “Roar” today after it leaked across blogs and spread like pop wildfire. I’ve put together a playlist of ten songs that will make you roar to celebrate Perry’s glorious new pop confection....

Oliver Remixes Bonnie McKee 'American Girl' [Free MP3]

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Fri Aug 9 08:31:53 2013
Following several high-profile media appearances (including a live session on Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show here in Los Angeles), momentum is seriously building for Epic/Kemosabe star Bonnie McKee and her new single "American Girl." The feel-good and instantly catchy pop...

You Must Watch This: Betty Who Live Performance of 'High Society'

:: arjanwrites music blog :: - Wed Aug 7 05:17:08 2013
There are three reasons that I absolutely adore Betty Who. First of all, she's genuinely one of nicest and most sincere people in the world with a deep love for pop music. Secondly, her brand of pop consists entirely of...
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